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  1. Codec

    Codec Well-Known Member

    running android 4.04 and usually when my phone has been in stand by, this happens all the time, any fix?

  2. Desertbum

    Desertbum Well-Known Member

  3. tigershark09

    tigershark09 New Member

    Was just updated with the LF1 firmware upgrade - but still having this issue. Does anyone still experience this issue?
  4. trophynuts

    trophynuts Well-Known Member

    what is the LF1 firmware upgrade? I'm out of the loop on that one.
  5. zetroc

    zetroc Well-Known Member

    Story of my life. Hand off sucks, and getting a consistent speed is just a dream. Not satisfied with verizon's 4g and how it relates to the GNex.
  6. Sprint76

    Sprint76 Member

    Verizon customer service is aware of the issue and will replace your phone under warranty. Many of the replacement phones have the same issue so keep returning them until you get one that works. My third one finally works perfectly.

    Call Verizon, don't waste your time taking it to a store.
  7. Desertbum

    Desertbum Well-Known Member

    Hey if you're like me and bought your phone outside of Verizon (ebay, craigslist, etc) then you won't be able to replace it with a warranty. I rooted my phone and I recently flashed the newest version oh the CDMA/LTE radios and am happy to report that I have had NO signal drops. I was actually losing my signal constantly. Probably 10-15 times a day and it was always coming from standby to on. So I would suggest rooting your phone then flashing the new radios. It will more than likely fix your signal drop issues.

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