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  1. Shinzakura

    Shinzakura Guest

    If you've ever used Keepass to protect your passwords, here's a gem of a program. Completely compatible with your Keepass database (as it's a build of the program), this little beauty does it all. To use, you merely click on the password, and it will store both the userid and the pwd in memory for as long as needed.

    Now, it's not perfect. If you're used to using the standard version, KPD has a slightly different feel and will take some getting used to. Also, others I know have reported glitches in the build but whether this is due to the programming or their own Androids is yet to be seen (I'll assume the latter). Lastly, unlike the desktop version you can't generate passwords, only what's on hand.

    All in all, a great program to work with and I'm looking forward to more as it gets better and better.

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  2. Boris_yo

    Boris_yo Active Member

    Hello. How is Keepassdroid doing for you so far? Is there an option to sync between mobile and desktop? How does it compare to mSecure - Password Manager (paid) and aWallet Password Manager (free)? I don't use Keepass on my computer though, i use Lastpas.

  3. Markjones

    Markjones Well-Known Member

    Superb and thanks for the post. I use Keepass on my laptop and have now transferred the DB file across to my phone and it works 100%..
  4. Boris_yo

    Boris_yo Active Member

    Doesn't the fact that it is not made by Keepass themselves but 3rd party bothers you?

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