keeping old ringtones and notification help.

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  1. nitramus

    nitramus Well-Known Member

    I have been trying a few different roms and need help with my old ringtones and notifications.

    I have them all in a folder on my card and when I install a new rom they are not found by the new rom (now that I think about it its the same for my pictures). Some of them I got from Zedge. So when I install zedge it only finds a few and those I can choose under sounds in system.

    Is there a way or an app that can let me specify where they are stored so the system will find them?

  2. Hadron

    Hadron Well-Known Member Contributor

    I just store my ringtones in a folder called Ringtones and notifications in one called Notifications, both on the sd card.

    There are some apps that can be used to select ringtones, i.e. if these apps are installed then when you try to set the system ringtone the phone will ask you whether you want to use them instead of "android system". Go SMS, Handcent SMS and ES File Explorer are three that I can think of. These will let you browse the sd card or all music files to select the ringtone (if you have a lot of music folders ES would be a good choice, as it's designed for browsing a filesystem).
  3. nitramus

    nitramus Well-Known Member

    that works thanks. now do you know how I could also bring back my pictures when I open Gallery. On my old phone everything I added no mater what the phone would find it.
  4. nitramus

    nitramus Well-Known Member

    I tried putting them in the ringtones and notifications folders and they are just not found. Does it make a difference if I have a custom rom?
  5. Hadron

    Hadron Well-Known Member Contributor

    I've kept my ringtones there since before rooting, and all roms I've used found them. I have never bothered with Sense roms mind.

    What gallery app do you use? I've never had a problem, but use QuickPic rather than the Gallery app.
  6. nitramus

    nitramus Well-Known Member

    well I ended up reinstalling my rom from scratch and the gallery started working again. Don't really kow what happened there but still re installing some stuff and will be doing a new backup. I needed it anyways my phone started to be slow. As for the rings... the only way really so far is by using es file manager.

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