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  1. etnahc

    etnahc New Member

    Ever since I updated to ICS my nexus has been "buggy". :mad:

    But now out of nowhere everything starts force closing. It started with gmail force closing then every other app started (even the ones that can't be uninstalled). I don't have a lot of downloaded apps btw.

    Then this started popping up
    and also and error message about the launcher.

    I can't make calls or send text messages because everything keeps closing.

    I've tried factory resetting it, hand resetting/rebooting and nothing. Even after I pressed erase everything, everything is still there.

    Help!? :(

  2. nathanotis

    nathanotis Well-Known Member

    Its really odd that a factory reset had no effect. I might try that again... I'm assuming you aren't rooted since you make no mention of it?
  3. DeepBlueMyst

    DeepBlueMyst Member

    I know the problem the person is going through as I am going through as I was and still am going through the same. A factory reset does not help and even when I kept doing it i tried two ways. The first I allowed for Google to restore my stuff but it still happened, the second time I didn't allow it thinking that perhaps it saved something damaging. It happened once again and it has been rather frustrating even sometimes it would cut me off of calls or not allow me to call for some reason.

    Something I did notice though is that if you close everything ( I was looking through the Go! Taskmanager as well as the regular task manager). I find that the phone is setting at 50% and I have no way of knowing what exactly is running in the background. It's also frustrating finding that the phone has locked itself up and has to be rebooted (taking the battery out and all of that) and even doing so does not completely ensure it will turn back on as sometimes it will simply freeze itself on the Google logo.

    Overall ICS started out well but it wasn't until recently that the problems manifested themselves (at least for me). So not sure what to think about it overall and have been thinking back as to what may have caused this problem but so far I have encountered nothing and am unsure as to what the problem is...
  4. DeepBlueMyst

    DeepBlueMyst Member

    Also another thing I noticed is that just a few moments ago I tried to send a report about the crash (usually the report feature crashes and I can't send one) but everytime I tried to send it the device tells me that their is no room on my phone despite having at least .98 available on the phone itself and almost nothing on the Internal (other? since there is no SD but it states it as such).

    So right now it seems my phone has become almost that of a hostage situation and I'm desperately trying to find out how to roll it back to Gingerbread... also I don't see any update as of yet that could have done this as it is still on 4.0.4

    -edit { crashed} I looked at the stack trace and the last bit of lines are

    I also just looked at the calendar which just crashed to it ended on java:560 so - so far I see the problem seems to be the java? I'm not a technical savy person but I will keep updating as things keep crashing. Of course I can't get phone calls or text message but at least this bit of digging will get us to the answer

    - Edit II -
    I got tired of all the crashing and force closing so I just unlocked it and put it back to stock out of the box and went back to my Go launcher as well as the various bits and bobs. May not have everything ICS has but at least it's stable.
  5. etnahc

    etnahc New Member

    No, I'm not rooted.

    Funny thing, I use to use Go Launcher for awhile, the after the ICS updated I stopped because the battery life. I use my phone a lot and charging it every 4 hours is not something I want to do.

    Decided to go to the Sprint repair store Saturday, even they couldn't fix it. They had to order a new phone. Thinking about buying a different android, I just can not have this happening again.
  6. DeepBlueMyst

    DeepBlueMyst Member

    I know you said you aren't rooted and if it isn't viable to buy another phone now there is a stock rom that puts gingerbread back on the phone. Basically putting the phone back in a state as if it just came right out of the box. So just something to think about if you aren't able to buy another at least at this moment :)
  7. etnahc

    etnahc New Member

    Yeah, they replaced the phone for free. Just got it. No ICS, I'll miss some of the feature but glad I have a functioning phone now.
  8. DeepBlueMyst

    DeepBlueMyst Member

    Understand what you mean I miss ICS and was contemplating putting a rooted version on or at least trying the OTA version but...I don't want to risk it as long as the phone functions and people can contact that's all that is needed heh.
  9. VeritasPDX

    VeritasPDX New Member

    I had a very similar issue happening with my phone. It kept rebooting, freezing, and sometimes rebooting into recovery on it's own, which seemed very strange. I did a factory reset, flashed back to previous versions of Android, different builds of ICS, etc. so I thought that I had ruled out a software issue. I finally gave up and took it into Sprint to have one of their technicians look at it. The problem? The processor is crapping out. I've had the phone for about 13 months which is just out of the 12 month warranty but apparently the processor is covered by the manufacturer so I paid Spring $35 and they're going to mail me a new Nexus (I don't have an insurance plan for the phone either). Not sure if it's the same situation for you but it may be worth a look?
  10. nathanotis

    nathanotis Well-Known Member

    Interesting... My phone has been rebooting on it's own lately. Maybe I'll flash a stock rom and see if I've got the same issue.
  11. alpha12614

    alpha12614 New Member

    I also had the same problem but when i factory reset the phone it looked like it was gone, but now i have another problem. My phone randomly restarts or reboots on its own every 30 minutes or so and gets stuck when i unlock it. I dont have a pattern lock, just a regular slide lock. I have ice cream sandwich and i just started getting problems a week ago. I only want to go to sprint and get another phone as a last resort. Can someone please help me!?!?!
  12. mooseberry

    mooseberry Well-Known Member

    has any one found a fix for the problems with out having to root it?
  13. ihatethis

    ihatethis New Member

    why do need a google account ! ugh my phone always fource closes everything.

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