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  1. coreyb

    coreyb Member

    I've been trying to see if i have a defective unit in that the display is taking up more battery than standby when the phone is not in use and so far my phone has turned off by itself 3 times in the past 13 hours. I had it 100% charged last night before going to bed so i unplugged it from the wall, put it on the nightstand in airplane mode, and i woke up an hour late this morning because my alarm didn't go off because my captivate turned off at some point in the night. I fired it up and it had 94% battery. So i immediately put it into standby and put it in my pocket and went to work. When i got to work i pressed the standby button and nothing happened, so i held it in and voila, the phone is turning on. So on my way to work it randomly shut down again. So now it has 90% battery so i put it on standby again and let it sit for 3 hours. I just checked on it and it had shut off again. It's now at 88% and shows Display=54%, Cell Standby=15%. I think this thing is completely whacked. Between this and the GPS not working i think i'm done. I'm definitely going to take this one back, but i'm concerned about getting a new one that's even more screwed up as it seems there are such few good working copies of this phone out there. Is there some setting that turns your phone off after a certain amount of standby time that i might have somehow mistakenly turned on? I feel like that would be a ridiculous setting to have, but it seems like there are a lot of options on this phone so ya never know. Anyone?

  2. Jack45

    Jack45 Well-Known Member

    Zillions of posts about this here and at XDA. Pls use search facility. Look for "random" and "shutdown," for example.
  3. jcp741

    jcp741 Member

    Corey I would suggest searching for this issue within the forums and also on Google. It is a relatively common occurrence for those of us with the Captivate and at present there seems to be no clear cut reason for it to happen. I personally believe its glitchy software somewhere in the system. Search a bit and you will discover it has been discussed ad nauseum with several opinions on the cause. Good luck!
  4. coreyb

    coreyb Member

    thanks guys. sorry. i'll delete this thread so it doesn't clog things up. oops, seems like there is no thread deletion allowed.

    no fix huh? wow. i love this phone but between this and the gps i just can't fathom keeping it.
  5. Rhiannon224

    Rhiannon224 Well-Known Member

    Exchange it for a new one. I had one doing the same thing, the new one has not one shutdown in a week.
    Also, you need to run a task killer to kill apps running in the backround. I use Advanced Task killer and you can set the apps you don't want to kill with an ignore list. Hope this helps.
  6. jcp741

    jcp741 Member

    I would not give up on it just yet! Is it aggravating..yes! It drives me crazy but I know (hopeful anyway) that there will be a fix for this issue very soon. Other than that issue i absolutely love my phone! Hang in there.
  7. Jack45

    Jack45 Well-Known Member

    You can attempt to derive some solace from the random shutdown issue (sorta like a silver lining): you are not alone.

    Now that I haven't made you feel any better, know that it's not universally experienced. A phone swap might help, if not literally then from the knowledge that you at least tried to make things better.

    We place faith in Froyo for so many things - maybe this fix will be incorporated, too.

    One more thing. You will read many hypotheses regarding the cause of the shutdowns. Let me save you some time. There is no answer as of this writing.

    Have a great day.
  8. victoryblisstx

    victoryblisstx New Member

    Here is what I did,
    Removed all the apps that i had installed with the last week since it started powering down.

    PROBLEM Fixed

    now I am slowly reinstalling the ones i liked looking for the error to come back then i will report it. i think it has to be one of the email / exchange email programs or task killer, thats what i have been up too this week.

    For all the impatient people that dont understand what DROID software is, its freedom.

    droid is experimental growing software and it takes people to find problems and experimenting to fix them and grow more,

    Support DROID and your brain and figure out the problem.

    I have been jailbreaking my iphone for a long time, destruction = progress... :)
  9. alohakim18

    alohakim18 New Member

    I am on my THIRD captivate. I really am ready to toss it through a window. However there is a quick fix. Go to the Android Market and find the "Captivate Keep Alive" app. It seems to work quite well. I understand it was developed specifically for this problem. I would let ATT give me a new phone but they are only offering models that have a much slower processor and much less memory onboard and SD. I hope everyday a fix is developed and maybe when ATT moves to the newest OS the problem will "go away". Good luck, I know we all need it.
  10. coreyb

    coreyb Member

    that's just simply hilarious. how do i keep my phone from turning off randomly? there's an app for that.

    i returned my captivate a few months ago and went back to my iphone 3g for now... i miss some things about the captivate but it has BIG issues that made it unusable...

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