keeps turning offSupport

  1. mrbrdo

    mrbrdo Well-Known Member

    H7 firmware.. phone turned off in the night 2 times in a row now.. today after turning it back on it turned back off after a couple of mins.. what the hell this is terrible :-s battery was at 90%

  2. zeroblue

    zeroblue New Member

    Same for me... after upgrading to H7 I've been experiencing some unexpected shutdowns. It's really annoying.

    Which carrier do you have? I'm in O2 Germany and updated to H7 without including the CSC file.
  3. mrbrdo

    mrbrdo Well-Known Member

    My carrier is Mobitel (Slovenia).
    I've done a full update (CSC included), so that's not the problem. I think it's just a bug in H7. Damn I hate Samsung's software...
    If they had a proper firmware this phone would be light years before Hero... But now I'm not so sure... If they don't get it together soon I might switch to Hero.

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