[Kernel][CDMA/VZW][EI04/2.3.5]Pre-Rooted Stock with Voodoo

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  1. dsb9938

    dsb9938 Well-Known Member Developer

    Installing this kernel on a stock EI04 Tab with Heimdall will convert you to EXT4 for Voodoo.

    This is a prerooted kernel. If you can use adb and know how, you can root your tab with this. I will not go into how.

    Special thanks to Adrynalyne for helping me with toolchains, supercurio for Voodoo, and imoseyon for doing the leaked one so I could cheat!

    Please be careful! If you break it, YOU broke it! :D



    Stock/Root/Voodoo Kernel

    MD5: 496b111a93af332ece4d0efa262b3082


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