[KERNEL][GPL][R910] Electric Sheep :: 1/29/12 :: OC/EXT4/perf/batt/Smartass/BFQ/OMG/WTF :: New SU

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  1. k0nane

    k0nane Well-Known Member Developer

    k0nane presents...
    Electric Sheep kernel
    Speed, battery, fun things, yay!

    Source is available at http://github.com/k0nane.


    So, I know I'm a bit late on this, but... You wanted a custom kernel, here it is. This is best paired with Basix. A good deal of cool things have gone in here, but unfortunately, it does not include the one extra feature I wanted it to before release: user undervolting. Due to how our devices operate, undervolting is not included by default. This is to prevent lockups, and the endless numbers of questions that come with them (I've dealt with them before). Sorry.

    How about a feature list? Straight from the README, these are changes from the stock kernel, with credit-to names in ():

    This does not include the changes to the initramfs like included in the Basix stock kernel - so you'll still get root (it's up to date! Yay!) and custom boot animation.

    This kernel should not be used with stock unless you have package blocking removed, as the su binary in it is designed for Market-version Superuser.

    How To Install | The cool boot logo

    Flash in CWM. That's it.


    I do not use file hosts with waiting times!

    Download Electric Sheep
    Download Electric Sheep (mirror)


    Q: How do I overclock?
    A: Use SetCPU from here or buy it on the Market.

    Q: How do I change Voodoo Sound parameters?
    A: Use Voodoo Control on the Market.

    1/29/12 - 1.0: SU binary updated.
    12/4/11 - 1.0: Initial release.


    A big thanks goes out to nubecoder and tanimn - this kernel stands on their backs, and they are giants. More thanks to Rodderik, nullghost, and DRockstar for contributions and assistance.

    Finally, I - and all of you Indulgers! - must thank mkasick, for without him, it would be be impossible to use the broken piece of crap that Samsung called a source release. F you Samsung.

  2. k0nane

    k0nane Well-Known Member Developer

    P-O-S-T :: R-E-S-E-R-V-E-D


    Original artwork by Pendulum via Gasolin3.

    ...for future use.

    Follow me on Twitter @k0nane and @publik0!
  3. Yawa

    Yawa Well-Known Member

    K0 It's been a long time coming. Having been one of the lucky few to test a few early versions of this kernel (when they were blowing through batteries like a Gameboy Color emulating a Game Gear) I can honestly say, thank you. This phone is not easy to tame, and this man stuck with getting nearly every feature everyone else gets on their custom kernels into this.




    I certainly have.
  4. k0nane

    k0nane Well-Known Member Developer

    Thanks for your support!

    I've reuploaded, with the newest su binary included. If you've downloaded before this post, redownload and reflash.
  5. confed

    confed Well-Known Member

    excellent work by you and the team k0nane. does this kernel aid in getting bootup sounds to work more easily for everyone? I am doing a nandroid backup now, i'll let ya know how it goes afterwards. thank you very much sir.
  6. k0nane

    k0nane Well-Known Member Developer

    Just me, actually, the others only had code I borrowed, and lots of help. Though I couldn't do it without them!

    Sounds will not work. But I'll have that fixed at some point. I know what the problem is.
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  7. n3m3515

    n3m3515 Active Member

    Thanks for all the tireless work on our "unique" devices..
    I know your work has made this phone better than anyother prepaid I have tried.
    And certainly a 100% improvement over the stock ROM..

    You da man!!


    UPDATE: Stock battery life with 4g/GPS on the whole time, about 1 hour of surfing throughout the day, email set to push and about 10 min of navigation was about 7 hours. Never turned on wifi.
  8. k0nane

    k0nane Well-Known Member Developer

    And sound better, too! Voodoo Sound makes gives your phone sound quality nearly equal to that of very expensive audio setups.
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  9. Yawa

    Yawa Well-Known Member

    Trying out stock battery on this to test its life. Any recomendations on this K0? Wipe stats or something?

    And Voodoo sound is amazing I can finally retire my optimus as my mp3 player
  10. k0nane

    k0nane Well-Known Member Developer

    Charge to 100% with it off and wipe battery stats in CWM to calibrate.
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  11. Primo2casper

    Primo2casper Member

    Hope I'm not going to sound stupid, but when I flash this I loose root. Any ideas? Have recovered once and tried it again with same result.

    On Basix. Checked to see if I had root with my backup root and es file explorer.
  12. Williamw545

    Williamw545 Well-Known Member

    Same here :-(
  13. k0nane

    k0nane Well-Known Member Developer

    There was a corruption problem with the su binary - redownload and reflash once more, and root will work.
  14. plasticarmyman

    plasticarmyman Well-Known Member

    flashing right now...i'll let you know how it goes

    p.s. should i re-run V6 Supercharger...or is there no need to do so?

    p.p.s. inb4 "what is omg and wtf?"
  15. k0nane

    k0nane Well-Known Member Developer

    No need.
  16. chicomostoc

    chicomostoc Well-Known Member

    how to install?????? pliss
  17. plasticarmyman

    plasticarmyman Well-Known Member

    use recovery to do so...
    place the .zip on your sdcard of your phone..
    reboot to recovery and go to "flash .zip from sdcard" and then "choose zip from sdcard" and navigate to the file and click the camera button...then click yes...and then reboot the phone...and voila
  18. FusionNeo

    FusionNeo Member

    Great work as always. Messed around with O/Cing for a bit and definitely noticed a dramatic increase in speed. I'll check out Voodoo Sound in the coming hours as I listen to music for a while in the morning. I'll comment on battery life as well - calibrating the battery as we speak. Cheers k0.
  19. traajik

    traajik Well-Known Member

    edit- i can tell its working, thanks!

    asalways excellent work, lot's of people would diffenetly not do all this work for little or no money.
  20. wilsonbx198st

    wilsonbx198st Well-Known Member

    :D thank you k0 and all those who helped make this phone great ...better than what samsung and metro pcs wanted for us..super happy with this!!!!:D
  21. chicomostoc

    chicomostoc Well-Known Member

    I have installed ll [ROOT][CW][R910/R915][GPL] Indulge All in One Root and ClockworkMod for Win/Intel Mac/Linux This

    I will not have a problem?
  22. kewlkid17

    kewlkid17 Active Member

    OMG thanks K0!! this kernel is amazing really top speed! One question though what does resetting the battery stats do and what is it for?
  23. softtech

    softtech Well-Known Member

    So how do I make use of the Voodoo? and other features? It installed easily enough and I certainly believe that internally it's more stable (you'd be pretty hard pressed to do worse than Samsung after all!), but I'm not at all clear where I can find the "new" stuff...

    Thanks, as always. K0, you da man!!
  24. n3m3515

    n3m3515 Active Member

    Go download voodoo control. Makes earphones louder and bass boost
    And some minor mic tweaks.

  25. k0nane

    k0nane Well-Known Member Developer

    Much more than that - Voodoo Sound being included, even without Voodoo Control, allows for better sound quality.

    Thanks for your support, everyone.

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