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    The SuperSick is based off of the Sick Kernel, with a major improvement. Its made for AOSP roms, and thats the main goal. Right now, the mods are in Development stage and beta pre-release. That being stated, no builds will be uploaded by me until I'm satisfied with stability. However, source code is provided if you want to create your own and test your own version.

    NOTE: SuperSlick up to release standards releases now being distributed

    Current versions:
    ICS = SuperSick_1-0ICS.img
    Jellybean = SuperSick1-1JB.img


    Source code

    Any bug reports should be posted here

    Code (Text):
    2. 1-1 Jb
    3. basically same as ICS minus some stuff that was already in JB
    5. 1-0ICS
    6. Total rework of wifi platform to match JB kernel
    7. cleaned up KGSL drivers
    8. more govenors
    9. overclock stability improvements
    10. ramdisk cleaned for bt, and added CPU scailing control and KSM
    11. better battery from power to LCD removed when screen is off and returned when enabled again
    12. More pmem for audio and video
    13. clean bootclasspath
    14. TOO MANY IMPROVEMENTS FROM STOCK TO LIST! ;) Or im just lazy... wait what
    16. 1-0Jb
    17. better lionheart performance
    To anyone wanting or interested in S-Offing the HTC One V CDMA go here -> To the discussion thread where great leaps have been made

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