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Key Pad Inoperative ???Support

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  1. GT5360 arghhh

    GT5360 arghhh Member

    Hi, I'm new to using smartphones and have just got a GT-s5360 Galaxy Y which I am fast growing to hate.

    I can't figure out how to use the key pad in call after I have navigated away from in during the call.

    For example, if I make a call and want to hang up while it is still ringing, if have have navigated away from the key pad screen (by accidently pressing the back button for example), when I bring up the keypad screen again, there is no 'end call' button/option.

    Likewise, if have navigated away from the keypad during a call, navigate back to it and want to start using an in call automatic operator (ie the press button 1 for department A, press button 2 for department B type), the keys are completely useless.

    Can anyone tell me what is going on ?

  2. hypd09

    hypd09 Well-Known Member

    try checking notifications, tap on the phone icon there..
  3. GT5360 arghhh

    GT5360 arghhh Member

    Thanks, that allows me to call up an operative keypad.

    3 button pushes just to hang up though, that's not making me like my phone any more - is there a quicker way to hang up? If I phone the mother in law by accident I want to cancel that call as fast as possible :eek:
  4. spliffy

    spliffy Well-Known Member

    no offense dude but do u really have to post this? dont u read manuals or something? or maybe "explore" first? afaik, most people like the "exploring-the-new-phone-stage".
  5. GT5360 arghhh

    GT5360 arghhh Member

    I understand your consternation given that you are someone who would appear to consider "exploring-the-new-phone-stage" a source of fascination.

    However there is a big wide world out there with many fantastic things to see and do. It's easy to forget that people with a life prefer the joys of reality over the petty intricacies of a plastic box filled with electronic components. To some people it's just a phone.

    No offence - dude!
  6. spliffy

    spliffy Well-Known Member

    and look who's posting into forums?:p i really have no intention of hurting ur feelings. the best way to help you out is to let you know that the solution is under your nose..

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