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  1. Neublet

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    First let me start off by saying that I have owned 2 different Asus Transformers. I recently purchased a Samsung Galaxy tab 2 7.0, which came with a bluetooth keyboard that I did not like. I have been trying to find something like: - Impulse Aluminum Keyboard Case w/ Built-In Bluetooth for iPad 2 & iPad 3 (Black)

    I know they make http://www.***********.com/nexus-7-aluminum-wireless-keyboard-case-only-39-99/ for the Nexus 7. But so far nothing like this for the tab 2. I want the tablet to be able to be closed into the keyboard cover (not like some of these devices where the keyboard and tablet cannot be held together and opened fairly quickly).

    For the Tab2. All I manage to find are leather cases. I have owned leather cases and I do not like how a lot of them have kick stands. I want to be able to open the tablet (much like a laptop) and just sit on my lap. I rarely sit the tablet on my desk, so a stand is pointless to me. I do not think the cover is the perfect solution, but it seems to be the best.

    I will say Snugg Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7 0 Black PU Leather Case Cover and 2 Position Stand | eBay Doesn't look to bad..anyone own one of these?

  2. saptech

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  3. Neublet

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  4. saptech

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    No I didn't see one. You are referring to the one from It is a nice keyboard cover though.

    I have the keyboard that came with the Student Edition and bought a different Case from Amazon.
  5. AnciusD

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  6. saptech

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    I'm assuming he is referring to the one from Buy dot com. But want one for the Tab 2.

    This is the one I purchased if that what you are asking.
  7. AnciusD

    AnciusD Well-Known Member

    Oh, I thought you bought a case for your keyboard.
  8. renee0986

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