Keyboard feedback, and deleting e-mails

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  1. suttoc

    suttoc Active Member

    Second day Shift user, and I have 2 quick questions.

    1) Is there a way to turn off the feedback (vibrating) when I type on the virtual keyboard? Kind of annoying for me.

    2) Is there an easy way to delete a bunch of e-mails (in portrait mode) at a time without reading them. It just seems like clicking on the e-mail, then clicking menu, and then delete is a little much. It's easier in landscape mode for sure (using the direction pad and clicking delete on the keyboard).

    Thanks all!

  2. noobs

    noobs Well-Known Member

    1. Menu>Settings>Language&Keyboard>Touch Input>Text Input uncheck vibrate when typing. You cannot, however, turn off vibrate when dialing a phone number using the dialer. This screen is also where you can turn on prediction and spell check for the hardware keyboard if you want. I like it.

    If you want the four capacitive buttons to stop vibrating when you push them it is under Menu>Settings>Sound uncheck vibrate feedback.

    2. If you are talking about the default HTC mail client when you open the app to your inbox go menu>delete without selecting any of the emails and you are then given a screen where you can check multiple emails to delete. Still not the fastest but faster than long touching or going into each message if you have a lot of them to delete. In Gmail it is fairly obvious that you just touch the little check next to each email and then delete.
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  3. suttoc

    suttoc Active Member

    This worked great! Helps a lot.

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