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  1. citywalk

    citywalk Member

    Got my new phone today. To be honest. If I can, its going back. Its an amazing piece of kit but the Hinge is so loose and badly made its not funny. Such a solid piece of kit let down by this flimsy plastic hinge.

    I've had a few issues with signal drop and wifi vanishing Iphone style when held in hand as well.

    I paid a premium for this over the HD and I'm regretting that now. I really hope they will let me return it.

  2. Stuntman

    Stuntman Well-Known Member

    The hinge is loose so that the keyboard is easy to open and close.

    There have been reports that covering the top of the phone (or left side of the keyboard) results in WiFi signal weakening.
  3. benbird7

    benbird7 Member

    As stuntman has said, the hinge is loose, but that's how it is designed to make for easy opening of access to the keyboard.

    As for the wifi my wifi was a bit iffy to start with, but after perseverance I changed the security encryption on my netgear dg834gt router and it has solved the problem, it may be completely unrelated but may be worth you having a look at that.

    That said if you don't like the keyboard hinge mechanism, there's not a lot of point.
  4. citywalk

    citywalk Member

    Yes! Thats exactly what happens. Its worse when in landscape mode. I might send it back for a White Desire instead.

    The phone signal has been up and down all day. Not consistant either.
  5. citywalk

    citywalk Member

    I'm going to head to a local store and see what other Z hinges are like.
  6. Stuntman

    Stuntman Well-Known Member

    What is the location of the wireless router relative to where you normally use the phone and where you notice the signal dropping? I've had some WiFi issues before with a previous phone at a cousin's place. It turned out, the signal was weak because of the location of the router and where I was using the phone. That phone did not indicate the WiFi signal strength.

    The Desire Z does indicate WiFi signal strength. At least for me, I do notice the signal weaken in certain parts of my house that is far from the wireless router and where there are intervening walls and other obstacles. Even so, I still am able to get a signal and access to the internet inside my house. I do notice the signal may weaken if I cover the top part of the phone with my hand. Even so, the signal is still strong enough where I use it.
  7. imondroids

    imondroids New Member

    Been on "droids" for about two weeks now with desire z and the only thing bugging me slightly is the hinge. The buttload of apps, features and pure pleasure of using the device have compensated the hinge issue. Nokia N97 had a good hinge but the symbian experience was pure crap compared to android. My desire z has had zero wifi or network related problems here in Finland.
  8. GlitchZero

    GlitchZero Well-Known Member

    I don't know why all these people, who can clearly read, keep buying this phone and then bitch about the hinge. Take it back. Stop complaining. That easy. If you can't, well, you should've done some better research on which device you'd like better. Your fault, no one elses.

    Someone else along with the rest of us who aren't texting in zero gravity upside down will enjoy this phone for the great piece of technology that it is.
  9. Slug

    Slug Check six! Moderator

    I see two users with minor concerns about the hinge on their particular devices, and several reassurances from others that it's a non-issue. That's hardly "all these people". ;)

    This is a discussion forum, so please show a bit more tolerance
  10. Stuntman

    Stuntman Well-Known Member

    What is it about the hinge that is bugging you?

    I used to use the N97 as well. I really liked the tilt mechanism. It wasn't Symbian that is the problem. It's the bugginess and crappy browser that killed it for me.

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