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  1. QWEST

    QWEST Well-Known Member

    hey all I was on fb on my phone and i was trying to comment on someones status when my phone started acting weird i was using the stock keyboard app and using swype and i was swyping my words and nothing came up all of a sudden the keyboard went away and i couldn't get it back up so i went to my messaging app and it came up then goes away it comes back up but when i swype a word the keyboard disappears its odd any help?

  2. Robbdoe1

    Robbdoe1 Well-Known Member

    Restart the phone and see if that helps. Press and hold the power button on the side till the pop up appears. Select turn off. Let the phone turn off for a second and the just turn it back on using the same buton on the side. Let us know.

  3. QWEST

    QWEST Well-Known Member

    yeah sorry forgot to mention that i tried that i took the battery out for a few minutes and started everything up too still nothing
  4. QWEST

    QWEST Well-Known Member

    yeah i just reset my phone other keyboards would only mask the problem all is well again though thanks

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