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  1. JohnnyDiesel

    JohnnyDiesel Member

    I have on my new Legend a keyboard problem. When I enter input settings menu and keyboard language, I only have 1 option which is unchecked by default: English (my phone is Swedish). Now, by default my keyboard language is Swedish, but when I select English, English comes on, but then I can't come back to Swedish because I can't uncheck English. The only way around it for me is to change language to e.g. Danish, then back to Swedish. That is the only way for me to change back to Swedish. The only thing I can think of that I may have done is that when I first started up the phone I didn't put in the 2 GB SD-card that came with the phone, but my other 8 GB SD-card from my Hero. Could there have been keyboard input files on that SD-car that failed to install during the first setup? I can't check it at the moment because the SD-card is back at the office.

  2. JohnnyDiesel

    JohnnyDiesel Member

    The confusion continues. According to HTC I have been given a Norwegian phone, not a Swedish one and that is why I am having these problems. According to the HTC distributor in Sweden there is no Norwegian or Swedish versions, only Nordic which is for both Sweden and Norway, which is also the version that I have. In the mean time I have been able to download a Scandinavian keyboard with spell check that I can use.
  3. torro

    torro Member

    Install Scandinavian Keyboard, and Swedish dictionary from the market.

    There is no such thing as an exclusive Swedish og Norwegian phone, but as HTC says: A Nordic; ll the Scandinavian and often the Baltic countries as well

    If you do not like the Scandinavian keyboard layout, you can use the English and press and hold the A and O to get the Swedish letters.
  4. JohnnyDiesel

    JohnnyDiesel Member

    HTC now wants me to send the phone in for repair. I told I'll send it as soon as I have a replacement Legend from them. A premium phone should have premium service.
    Also, I have installed the Scandinavia Keyboard, but why should I have to? There should be native Swedish keyboard in the Legend! I know about press and hold the A and O keys, but what about the spell checking on the HTC keyboard? This is highly annoying and I'm considering returning the phone and getting something else instead.
  5. torro

    torro Member

    Just install the Swedish dictionary. Better integration with Nordic languages will probably be available from HTC and/or Google later on. It is the price to pay for being an early adopter, like with iPhone it took a while before Nordic languages were supported.

    You can probably return the phone within 2 weeks after purchase with no cost, and get a mainstream phone with all your language already supported.
  6. JohnnyDiesel

    JohnnyDiesel Member

    HTC now admits that there is a problem with the keyboard language and asked for patience while they work out a solution. I'm guessing that Scandinavia will see a software update in the coming weeks. In the mean time I have installed a Scandinavian keyboard from Market. It works but it's a bit of a hassle when you frequently have to change between Swedish and English.
  7. TheKaneda

    TheKaneda New Member

    Not sure they're thinking of the same problem as you are, because judging from web searches, the HTC Hero has the exact same problem:

    The locale you choose for the UI will also select the dictionary for the keyboard. A problem for me, because I want my UI to be English while the dictionary should be Danish. I can easily get Danish UI with English dictionary, as you mention. Thankfully, this can be corrected relatively easily, by manually changing the settings for the keyboard - when someone roots the Legend, that is...
  8. JohnnyDiesel

    JohnnyDiesel Member

    No, I had a Hero before and it did not have this problem.
  9. TheKaneda

    TheKaneda New Member

    Ah, I might have misread it - I saw fixes posted for earlier phones, but that was probably non-HTC Sense phones installing a modded HTC_IME.

    The jonasl mod also adds keyboard-specific language settings along with other neat enhancements and bugfixes - is apparently installable on HTC Hero too - might work on Legend - but requires that you get completely rid of the original HTC_IME. Haven't tried it - yet.

    Hoping my problem will be solved when someone roots the Legend and I can modify either the locale setting or the keyboard language setting directly.
  10. Th

    Th Guest

    Hi all, I just bought an HTC Legend. Cool phone I must say.

    I'm living in DK but come from Iceland. Does anyone know how to add an icelandic T9 dictionary to the Legend? I have got a full Icelandic keyboard from the Scandinavian addon but I'm missing the T9 part :-(

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