Keyboard Response Lag??? Not Working, Anyone else?!?!?!?Support

  1. Roush

    Roush Active Member

    So I don't think it's so much keyboard lag, but yesterday my keyboard wasn't responding well to my touch, making it difficult to type out text messages!!! I ran 'delete old messages' app and it cleared out 550 messages, and the keyboard response went back to new! This morning I'm having the same problem, but I'm not even near 550 messages like yesterday! Is anyone else getting a keyboard response issue, with your touch? FYI I'm using Swift Keys!

    Edit 1 I just tried using delete old messages again, and deleted over 120 messages, but still experiencing bad keyboard response!!!

  2. GFA

    GFA Well-Known Member

    I have experienced lag when trying to text several times. If I try to click on a conversation, type, delete, or anything it lags really badly. I just restart the phone and it's fine. Not sure what the deal is though and it happens sometimes with only 20messages or so in my inbox.
  3. Roush

    Roush Active Member

    Yeah I tried a restart when I woke up, and it didn't help at all. I'm going to try and restart again right now.
  4. SPD

    SPD Well-Known Member

    Try the gingerbread keyboard in the marketplace. Seems to be a lot faster and not have these issues.
  5. Roush

    Roush Active Member

    Okay, after another hard restart it looks like its working now! Hopefully this is something that wont be too annoying in the future.
  6. sean76

    sean76 Well-Known Member

    Love that keyboard....but the pop up of your information like credit cards and personal numbers could be stored scared me a little bit...
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  7. Strife21

    Strife21 Well-Known Member

    By any chance was your phone plugged into the A/C wall charger when this was going on. I was having a issue with delayed screen actions lagginess, etc.. when my phone was plugged into the wall charger. See my thread for info if necessary.
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