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  1. AtrixMan

    AtrixMan Member

    Has anyone noticed when using the webtop that all the shortcuts associated with a DOS/Windows OS work with the Atrix keyboard.
    For example [Ctrl + X] = Cut [Ctrl + C] = Copy And [Ctrl + V] = Paste.

  2. cys920622

    cys920622 Well-Known Member

    How many Atrix owners actually own the lapdock as well? I'm kinda thinking less than 50%...
  3. CeruleanBlue

    CeruleanBlue Member

    Good to know those keyboard short-cuts will work. Do wish there were more webtop applications than just the FireFox browser and access to phone apps.

    It supposedly does come Citrix-equipped, but that doesn't benefit me presently. Web-site based Teamviewer doesn't work, and their Android app doesn't sync with the dock's mouse, which makes it really hard to work with. I don't know whether that's a dock problem or Teamviewer. I did file support with Teamviewer, so we'll see if any fix comes out of it.

    I have only a desktop machine at home -- no personal notebook or netbook (though I do have work notebook) -- so thought the lapdock could fill that need nicely. So far, it seems something between a netbook and notebook. More apps a fully functional Teamviewer would help out there. I haven't tired a WebEx yet.

    Better pricing and dropping that silly 4g requirement for tethering Firefox would also help tremendously. Will they listen?
  4. evilbastard

    evilbastard Well-Known Member

    The shortcuts are present, because I believe the Webtop OS is a variant of Ubuntu Linux. Barebones, but enough to give you functionality.
  5. AtrixMan

    AtrixMan Member

    The Keyboard is part of the webtop and it only cost 50 quid when I got the phone.
  6. StevenSeed

    StevenSeed Well-Known Member

    I for one am glad I got the webdock/entertainment dock/whatever it's called. The phone upgrade was free, or I could pay the extra
  7. Derekski

    Derekski New Member

    I have the Atrix 4g phone and I use the lapdock for my Real estate business almost exclusively. I want to sync my outlook express from my desktop to my phone/lapdock. Since my lapdock has firefox, should I sync outlook with my mobile device or lapdock/firefox?
    This is my first post, please be patient.
    Thanks in advance.

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