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keyboard suggestions

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  1. poko2121

    poko2121 Member

    Hey guys are there any keyboards that will show word suggestions for words you have already typed when you go back and tap on that word?

    The droid x keyboard does it but its not working on 2.2 yet

    I've got an evo running froyo

    Let me know


  2. jonwlewis

    jonwlewis Well-Known Member

    I use Better Keyboard. Not only can you set it up for word suggestions, but you can also set different themes for the keyboard and it does speech to text. I love this keyboard and have been using it ever since my first Android device. I'm also on an EVO running Froyo
  3. poko2121

    poko2121 Member

    I had tried better keyboard before but it didn't have this feature where suggestions would reappear when tapping on words you already wrote

    A you sure about this?

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