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  1. legent2102

    legent2102 Member

    hi i noticed something strange about my qwerty keyboard :S
    when i try to press the "." button i always go to "m" ><
    and its only on the portrait qwerty :S
    everytime that i want to put a "full stop" the 'm' apear ._.
    and i tried to touch the "." really far from the "m" but its still the same ><
    help plz :S

  2. BroncoDroid

    BroncoDroid Active Member

    is your device upgraded to JB and whats the exact keyboard you're using on what OS?
  3. legent2102

    legent2102 Member

    im kinda new with android :X
    my phone is using android version 4.1.1
    and im using the original keyboard ^^'

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