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  1. LEOwife

    LEOwife New Member

    Hey guys!

    I got an evo for christmas and when i took it out of the box, it would rotate depending on how I was holding the phone. Now it wont. I don't want auto-rotate (i want to be able to type in both portrait and landscape depending on free hands) and, after searching the forum, I calibrated the sensor. What am I missing? Thanks...

  2. Mr. Ed

    Mr. Ed Well-Known Member

    i think the above is a typo right? you do want auto rotate?? or you don't

    right now it doesn't rotate at all correct?

    check the settings by pressing menu,settings,display and see that auto rotate is checked.

    if I am misunderstanding what you are trying to do then please give more details
  3. LEOwife

    LEOwife New Member

    No, it rotates if i select the auto-rotate, but I want it to rotate depending on if im holding it vertical or horizontal. For instance, in auto-rotate, it switches my text messages automatically to landscape. I want to do it myself depending on if im holding it in portrait or landscape. Does that make better sense now?
  4. t1jordan

    t1jordan Well-Known Member

    Not really. You have two options. You can set the screen so it doesn't go into landscape no matter what you do or you can have it go from landscape to portrait depending on how you hold the phone. There is nothing left to say about this thread. Sometimes we just over look things. It happens from time to time.
  5. Mr. Ed

    Mr. Ed Well-Known Member

    ^yup...that's what I was afraid you were trying to do. currently it can't be done.

    it's either auto on or off...

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