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  1. fleecemaster

    fleecemaster New Member

    New to the forum and tablets. I have purchased the VT1008 and would like to use a bluetooth keyboard. So far I have tried two (the Logitech and Motorola) but neither worked even with the BlueKeyboard JP app. I have contacted Vizio on three occasions and received little help. Has anyone had any luck with this and if so can you give me the details?

  2. conspirator

    conspirator New Member

    From what I know of Android Bluetooth keyboards, they require a minimium of Honeycomb OS. So until Vizio gets us updated off of Gingerbread, or someone cracks root again, I haven't come across any workarounds on a stock Vtab.
  3. fleecemaster

    fleecemaster New Member

    Very disappointing. I found it hard to find a tablet with bluetooth for headphones, so i was glad to find the vtab. Once i had it I found I like it for business and a keyboard would make it perfect for my needs.

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