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  1. myshkin

    myshkin Well-Known Member

    I am asking for a tip, not giving one, lol. I saw someone ask someone the other day why they were using swype because it was a big battery hog. I had been using swype for over a year & thought well crap. I guess I will try something different to try & save my battery. Now this was me being awake all night, doing some research, watching YouTube & Netflix
    Maybe I will try just the Android keyboard

  2. VeNoMzRevenge

    VeNoMzRevenge Well-Known Member

    I use smart keyboard and I am open to more suggestions too. That battery usage is incredible. What the hell was it doing?
  3. jmwinf146

    jmwinf146 Well-Known Member

    I use swiftkey x and like it. Don't believe those numbers its a crazy way to read them correctly. Wanna save your battery? Root your phone and remove all that metro crap. Under clock and kill 4g then you can go to work and back without a charger. :eek:
  4. jmwinf146

    jmwinf146 Well-Known Member

    If I am correct. It says 22m 14s means you turned your phone on checked battery stats freaked out and made this post. Lol. The percent is when your phone is in use. It's just odd don't put much stock in those numbers. Or I'm wrong.
  5. myshkin

    myshkin Well-Known Member

    Yeah, I just noticed the time on that myself. I'm not an idiot. I wouldn't do something so obvious & then make a post with a pic. I might have a good chunk of my right frontal lobe missing, but I'm far from dumb. I am just going to restart my phone & start over. I am going to root probably sometime this week. We just got internet at home again & I guess I need to buy a different sd card first
  6. jmwinf146

    jmwinf146 Well-Known Member

    That is not what I ment by any means. I was kinda replaying what I did minus the post. You will be alot happier after root.
  7. myshkin

    myshkin Well-Known Member

    I know I will, trust me. I said awhile ago I wasn't an idiot, but I will admit that sometimes things just bypass my memory banks. Like the fact that I had the phone plugged in & then unplugged it..... Lol. I could only focus on the fact that I had not restarted my phone. That isn't accurate at all though, if I want to see what this battery is doing before my new one gets here I guess run antutu battery checker? Because I just restarted my phone, plus plugged it back in & it is still timing it on battery
  8. akikhia

    akikhia Well-Known Member

    its the wors suggestions and corrections. use smart keyboard pro calibrate it and turn off suggestions
  9. myshkin

    myshkin Well-Known Member

    I actually like swiftkey x. I am an active member in a few brain tumor/cancer groups & I would not turn off word suggestions on any type of keyboard. I like not having to type out full words like oligoastrocytoma & oligidendroglioma, neuropyschiatrist & the names of meds all the time. I'm a good speller, but I have my poor memory days, so I will just keep that option.
  10. UKCatFan

    UKCatFan Well-Known Member

    Actually, I think you are just wrong here. We have known since the first week out that this phone does not play well with alternative keyboards. Nobody has proven, to my knowledge, if it is really using that much power or if it is just a fluke in reporting it. From personal use it seems like it is really using too much power.
  11. LightenLhar

    LightenLhar Well-Known Member

    About that, has anybody figured out WHY this phone can't handle keyboards? I can turn my phone on to do anything, and it's fine, but if I text or use the keyboard at all, my phone battery seems to dive abruptly.
  12. brian1984

    brian1984 Well-Known Member

    thats true..
    i was trying ICS keyboard last week and it was draining lot of battery.. up to 40%....
    with my regular daily use battery dropped from 15 hours with gingerbread keyboard to 12 hours with ICS keaboard..

    And if Im not wrong ICS is light on memory use and battery!...
  13. VeNoMzRevenge

    VeNoMzRevenge Well-Known Member

    Never paid attention to that. Will keep an eye out. Anyone know what is the lightest keyboard available?
    I use smartkeyboard.
  14. myshkin

    myshkin Well-Known Member

    For those who do like swiftkey x, swiftkey 3 is now on sale for 1.99 this week in the market.
  15. LightenLhar

    LightenLhar Well-Known Member

    What's the difference between the two?
  16. Jack Rainbow

    Jack Rainbow New Member

    Like Manuel in Fawlty towers, I know nothing. Nothing about computers and less about keyboards. I don't even know where to appropriately post this query. But queries, like umbrella stands and everything else in the universe, have to be somewhere. Only nothing is nowhere, like me. So this query is here. Say hello, query.When I press the pound sign (above the number 3) on my keyboard, I get the @ symbol. Confusingly, when I press the @ symbol I get " But there is no pound symbol, whatever I try. And I need a pound symbol. The letters I must write requiring this little iconograph are piling up. I'm worried.

    There are a number of other anomalies. We won't mention those here, though. I charge for stuff like that.

    Please, can some kind knowledgeable person tell me step by step how to alter the keys? There is apparently something that might help called settings, but I can't FIND IT. It is not in control panel, that I can tell you.

    Is my keyboard broken or can these anomalies be fixed somehow?
  17. Tokenpoke

    Tokenpoke Well-Known Member

    Easiest choice, use GOKeyboard from market. It has swipe typing if you want it and # is on the s key....

    If you have a custom font it is possible that you don't have an image for the # (it's called a hatchtag or something by the way).
  18. ShinySide

    ShinySide Disabled

    Huh I use SwiftKey 3 paid keyboard and love it, but SwiftKey doesn't even show up under my battery "drainers"
  19. MotoTriumphant

    MotoTriumphant Well-Known Member

    I have swift key 3 and it shows up on my battery usage like 50% usage why?

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