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    Okay so my sister recently purchased a galaxy tab 2 7 inch. She would like to use a keyboard on it so that she can type stuff for school. Kinda like turning it into a laptop. i would like to find her something that either connects a normal usb keyboard oris a dock or something. Also try to keep it cheap.

    Thanks! :)

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    Mine came in the wrong color so I sent it back. Also during the time I did have it, it wouldn't connect to the one device I needed it for.
  7. SithLord0498

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    That's the same keyboard I use, and it runs great. The case also converts into a very sturdy, reliable stand for the tablet. I would just recommend investing in two pairs of 4 AAA Energizer rechargeable batteries as well, so you'll have a backup set on hand in case the batteries die unexpectedly.

    I'd also recommend this companion piece from Logitech: Logitech Tablet Mouse for Android 3.1+ (910-002626): Electronics

    You can find it at Target for $29.99. For this, keep some rechargeable AA batteries on hand.
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