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  1. Jeffruby

    Jeffruby Well-Known Member

    So, after almost a month with my Note 2, I am surprisingly bouncing even more back and forth from keyboard to keyboard. At first I loved the stock keyboard, but no comma drove me nuts and no auto correct (with no gmail spell check) was a no go. Enter swiftkey flow. At first I could not believe how great ask aspects were, but I started to get more and more annoyed with the fact that an auto correction, then backspace made me retype the whole word! Furthermore, the flow for more and more inaccurate (just seemed so). I did live the decreased time setting for long press.

    So next I tried the jelly bean dl keyboard off the Google store. Really good, but now I was handcuffed by long long press time and I almost always hit the m key instead of the space. The Swype portion was sub post.

    Lastly tried Swype, which I used a ton on my droid I. I cannot believe how much better the Swype mechanism is over all other keyboards, it's silly how good it is as a tracing keyboard, heads and shoulders over the others, but the voice dictation is not the Google dictation, and tapping out words is by far the worst.

    So, I am again torn.

  2. lcneed

    lcneed Well-Known Member

    I am using the stock Samsung Keyboard and doing half type and half swype. Most words I would swype and the rest I type. After I am done, if I see any typo, I just tap on the word and use one of the predicted text to replace it. It works out pretty good so far.
  3. Jeffruby

    Jeffruby Well-Known Member

    The comma doesn't drive you nuts
  4. BleedingPurist

    BleedingPurist Well-Known Member

    Nope, long press "n" and there's your comma. Ditto for all other punctuation or symbols.

    I love the stock keyboard. It's my favorite software keyboard...... period. It made it worth losing my hardware keyboard on my Droid 3.
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  5. Jeffruby

    Jeffruby Well-Known Member

    I understand long pressing, but for me, especially a comma, is too slow
  6. Teegunn

    Teegunn Well-Known Member

    I like trace keyboards - I've tried em all and I still prefer Flex T9 overall. Got it on Amazon app store. Overall just seems to be better for me than Swype and all the other keyboards that offer trace capabilities.
  7. dylane

    dylane Well-Known Member

    I'm having the same general dilemma. I've been using three keyboards. The stock keyboard and swipe are just too darn big in landscape and don't have enough keys. There's supposed to be a way to adjust the height in settings for the stock keyboard, but I've looked quite a bit and haven't been able to find it. I've been using Hacker's keyboard the most, and I like that it has the standard layout and keys so that I can use keyboard shortcuts for common tasks (but that has a downside as well, since it is really easy to accidentally hit ctrl+a and highlight an entire block of text and erase it in one go, and ctrl+z doesn't bring it back).

    None of the keyboards seem to remember anything I type as far as auto-suggestions go, so typing in my long email address is a pita. Hacker's doesn't offer any dictionary words as auto-suggestion, just names from my contact list.

    I'm really thinking that the way to go with the Note 2 is going to be to find a physical bt keyboard and case combo and turn it into a big slider phone Haven't been able to find something premade yet, so this might have to be a more involved project.

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