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  1. djcovarrubias

    djcovarrubias Member

    Is there a way to separate the slider keyguard from the PIN code? I want the code for protection, but it seems redundant to have to do the vertical slide during wakeup and then punch in a code. I have tried:
    1) Keyguard disabling apps
    2) Tasker programs, with and without the secure settings plug-in.
    In all cases, I can successfully disable the keyguard but the PIN code is gone too. If the PIN code stays, so does the keyguard slider. Is there a way to uncouple the two?



  2. pitastrudl

    pitastrudl Member

    is there a seperate setting in your android settings for the lockscreen and not the pin?.
  3. djcovarrubias

    djcovarrubias Member

    Not on stock. I actually solved the problem by switching to CM7 custom ROM (This thread is quite old, I wasn't getting much traction):

    Menu-> settings-> CyanogenMod settings-> Lockscreen settings->Unlock options-> check "Skip on Security"

    CM7 also took are of the annoying sound/vibration when the battery is fully charged in the middle of the night, and improved battery performance by a factor of 4. Why the stock OS is so crappy, I don't understand.:)


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