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  1. darrenlamb

    darrenlamb Member


    I am looking for a keylogger app that will record all stokes and passwords on my HTC Desire Android phone.

    Similar to Aobo Keylogger for mac or Spector for the PC.

    Does this exist?



  2. darrenlamb

    darrenlamb Member

    I am guessing I am out of luck? Does a keylogger exist for Android?
  3. bigdreco

    bigdreco New Member

  4. StevenChap

    StevenChap Well-Known Member

    Why would you need a keylogger on a phone!
  5. SUroot

    SUroot Well-Known Member Developer

    youre getting into dodgy territory when you look at keylogging software. It just invites malware. Then to pay for it? I wouldnt risk it.
  6. Red_Avatar

    Red_Avatar Well-Known Member

    For obvious reasons: maybe you suspect others from using your phone and want to know what they use it for. Most other reasons are dodgier: you want to know the password of your girlfriend's email account to know whether she's cheating on you or you want to install it on someone else's phone for similar reasons.

    Small story:
    I used a key logger once many years ago on my own PC because a "friend" of mine (really, just someone I knew who was into the same stuff) was screwing me over - we had decided to split the money on an account for a IRC group that let you access all sorts of stuff through bots. However, he had the credit card and he paid for it - I gave him bare cash. He then proceeded to not give me the password (which he refused to do since only one person could be logged in at a given time and he didn't want me to be logged in when he wanted to be) but he'd log me in when I asked (he lives close by) but only when he didn't want to download anything which, of course, made it a huge nuisance - he was on the much slower ADSL which meant it would often take a day before he was done. I was pretty fed up and after arguying for quite a while, I used a keylogger to snatch the password, changed it, and used it. After using it, I'd change it back to the old one.

    The guy later started a computer business and screwed people over left and right by charging for illegal versions of Windows, selling them very bad imported Chinese hardware that barely functioned and charged 50 euros an hour for support. At one time, he accidentally broke a 100 euros wireless keyboard and offered to replace it "for free" with a 5 euro cheap one ... which turned out to be second hand as well. Well the guy was pretty much disliked by everyone in the end and then a few months ago, he died in a car crash, weird how life can go.
  7. allambition

    allambition Well-Known Member

    Nice story - karma does work itself out sometimes like that. But use of keylogger software has some nefarious purposes usually.
  8. jasiff

    jasiff New Member

    I believe it surely exist, you can search on the Internet, there are many mobile keylogger or mobile spy on the Internet. Just find a one suitable for you.:)
  9. tangiers

    tangiers New Member

    Yes, they exist and there are many. Unfortunately I had to use one on my daughter and I was honest and told her it was on her droid. They are easy to install and I got mine with some good reviews Android Keylogger | Parental Control Software . There is caution there that states that you need to own the phone, and you should tell the person. Now, lots of people will say that telling her about it was really dumb. However, I personally would not have felt right to hide it. The choice is personal and she hadn't deleted the pics and texts. This was in my face a bit, but maybe she didn't really understand what the keylogger did, but things have gotten better and I have really felt better because of it.
    Just my 2cents.
  10. Tofubadguy

    Tofubadguy New Member

    I have a Driod X & it's very frustrating when I use my phone to type out a lenghty response on say Facebook, just have it dissapear when my connection isn't that great & the posting time limits out. Instead of defaulting back to the text entry field so you still have the body of your message it closes the text field, erases the message & displays a message saying 'connection lost'. It's ******ed & I'm constantly remined how much I need to 'copy' it before I attempt to post.

    Having a locally controlled key logger program would at least give me the option of going through the text file & copy/pasting it. Instead it gone forever into the ether of bad programming.

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