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Keypurr Feedback

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  1. keypurrtech

    keypurrtech Guest

    Due to keypurrtech creating multiple accounts on here and responding to his own threads with different usernames, this thread is now locked.

  2. jgreetham

    jgreetham Well-Known Member

    How did you decide which letters should be the secondary ones? i.e. the ones that require a swipe up motion?
  3. itisjustme

    itisjustme Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the reply, do you intend to find a work around for this issue on HTC devices? If not it is a deal breaker for me and I would assume for many others also. I am currently running SlideIT keyboard and I am not having this issue, I know you stated it is happening with other installed KB's but I am not seeing this.
  4. itisjustme

    itisjustme Well-Known Member

    Yes I mean turning off the phone. The reason it is a deal breaker is because the only way to get a full charge on the HTC Incredible is to bump charge it, meaning you have to power it off every day.

    I am and have been an ardent Swype lover and user, I have tried every keyboard out there and I always return to Swype. I am to the point where I just didn't think a better keyboard would be possible. Well Keypurr in my opinion had blown all other keyboards away including swype. My biggest issue is having to re enable Keypurr after daily bump charging but it looks like Keypurr developers are promptly working on a solution to this.

    Keypurrtech, hands down the best keyboard I have used to date.
  5. wmm

    wmm Well-Known Member

    There seems to be a bug with "space after candidate." If I'm typing and notice a typo, double-tap the misspelled word, type a replacement, and select the word I want from the suggestion bar, Keypurr inserts an extra space after the replacement, even though I have unchecked "space after candidate."
  6. GrazB

    GrazB New Member

    This was the first thing that I have bought for Android. I installed it and made Keypurr my default keyboard and yet only the default keyboard is showing.

    I went to the Keypurr site to raise a query but there is no contact link on the site. please advise where I am going wrong.

    Many thanks
  7. wmm

    wmm Well-Known Member

    That's good to hear; I'll look forward to the upgrade.

    Overall, I like Keypurr (although I groan every time I think of the name, it's such a bad pun). It's going to be an adjustment for me; I've been using Swype/ShapeWriter/SlideIt for so long that my thumbs have gotten very uncoordinated. I think once I train them again, though, Keypurr will be fastest because of the numeric/symbolic slides on the main keypad and because prediction is much more usable with tapping than with tracing.

    Best wishes for success with the product.
  8. wmm

    wmm Well-Known Member

    One thought for a future feature: it would be very nice if the text in the function keys could have a few useful replaceable symbols. I currently use the Inserty app for this, but it's way overkill for my needs -- all I use it for is the date and time and a couple of fixed strings -- and it's kind of a pain to have to change the input method every time I just want to add a time stamp to my journal. If you could just add support for the date and time (in various formats, or even just in the current system setting format) in the function key inserted text, that would be greatly appreciated.
  9. wmm

    wmm Well-Known Member

    I have unchecked "Key preview popup" in the settings. I thought that instructed Keypurr not to pop up little windows with the selected key for each keystroke, but it still does that. What does this setting do, then?
  10. wmm

    wmm Well-Known Member

    Another oddity I've noticed as I've been testing Keypurr: sometimes Keypurr will get "stuck" for a couple or three seconds and I will get perhaps five keystrokes ahead of it. Then suddenly it will break loose and catch up (which is really strange to feel, since I have "vibrate on keystroke" set to "soft" -- the phone really buzzes when processing those stored-up keystrokes all at once!). I've principally noticed it after I type Shift I, although I couldn't swear that it doesn't happen at other times as well.
  11. wmm

    wmm Well-Known Member

    And I've discovered a shortcut that I don't think was mentioned in the tutorial videos on the Keypurr website: if you forget to capitalize a word, you can hit Shift before you hit the space bar and Keypurr will convert the the first letter of the word to uppercase for you.
  12. Benjie

    Benjie Well-Known Member

    Anything on getting it to display the word "buns." without multiple steps? Any word on getting it to accept new words, such as: kapiolani. These 2 issues caused me to unistall it. Also, though the app charge never showed up on the bank website, I was charged for it, got an email stated I had not been and I am still not able to balance - the cost of your app is what I am minus.
  13. wmm

    wmm Well-Known Member

    It's a bug that the word "buns" is not in the dictionary; I'm sure they'll fix that in the next update. However, I'll use that as an example for how to add new words to the dictionary.

    What you need to do to add a new word is to type the word completely, letter-perfect, using the "slide-up" technique to get the secondary letters where necessary. In the case of "buns," you'd slide up on the "v" to get "b", then type "uns".

    The exact rendition of what you have typed for the current word shows up as the leftmost thing in the suggestion bar at the top of the keyboard. If you just type "buns" normally (i.e., without the slide on "v"), for example, you'll see "vuns" at the left of the suggestion bar. Once you have the correct spelling of the word you want to add showing as the leftmost thing in the suggestion bar, you just press and hold that part of the bar for a second and you'll get a message saying that "buns" was added to the dictionary. From then on, you'll get "buns" whenever you type "vuns".

    As for your credit card, I imagine that what you are seeing is the "hold" that is placed on your account as a result of tentatively purchasing the app. When you charge something, the request for authorization places a "hold" on that amount in your account. Usually within a day or two the corresponding actual charge reaches your bank and the money is transferred to the merchant's account. If the bank does not receive the actual charge for an authorization within a few days, it releases the "hold," which should make your account balance again.
  14. wmm

    wmm Well-Known Member

    Another suggestion for additional features: how about slides for the function keys? Maybe sliding up on <- could be "Home" and down could be "Prev word" (control <-), while sliding up on the up-arrow could be "Beginning of document" (control Home) and down could be "Page up", etc. Also, you could have three different text strings for each function key with the "Output text" action.
  15. beer-in-box

    beer-in-box Well-Known Member

    One simple question: Does it support Turkish?
  16. wmm

    wmm Well-Known Member

    Relearning to thumb type hasn't been going as well as I might have hoped. This morning I was writing something and wanted to enter the phrase, "Probably not in my lifetime." The first time I typed it, it came out "Pro ablution morning my lifetime."

    I tried again, this time achieving "Probably not immune life."

    (I did manage to type it successfully on the third try.) No knock intended on Keypurr; it's just frustrating that after several hours of practice these are still the kinds of results I'm getting. Hopefully it will be worth the effort in the long run.
  17. beer-in-box

    beer-in-box Well-Known Member

    So I asked, does this keyboard support Turkish. That's what I have to know even before try it.
  18. beer-in-box

    beer-in-box Well-Known Member

    Then, maybe I can try it out too.
    But somebody ported Turkish android keyboard of 2.2.3, and it is great, I talk, it writes. Loved it, how could I miss that app before, I asked.
  19. wmm

    wmm Well-Known Member

    I don't have any strong intrinsic preference between the light and dark keyboards, except for the fact that the secondary symbols on the light keyboard are gray instead of black. Since the secondary symbols are also smaller, the combination makes them too hard to see. On the dark keyboard, the secondary symbols are the same white as the main symbols, and that's the only reason I use the dark keyboard. I'd probably have stayed with the light keyboard if the primary and secondary symbols were both black.
  20. VA_Joe

    VA_Joe Active Member

    Check out video #5 at Demonstration and instructional videos is shows how to change the keyboard color.

    Watching all six videos helped get a quick understanding of the keyboard's capabilities.
  21. chobe

    chobe New Member

    My phone doesn't have a trackball and i was wondering if the phone has a featre that allows me to easily change lines...like directional keys?
  22. CXXV

    CXXV Well-Known Member

    Need free demo!
  23. wmm

    wmm Well-Known Member

    I picked up the new version of Keypurr this morning, but I haven't been able to find a change log for the differences between 1.0 and 1.1, neither in the settings dialog on my phone nor on your web site. In particular, you mention being able to insert date/time symbols into the function key text, but I haven't found how to do that: neither the menu key nor long-press in the text field gives a command to insert the symbol, and there are no instructions in the window text, either.

    (Just a note -- while I was looking for a change log, I tapped the "Keypurr Keyboard" version number at the top of the settings dialog, and that displays the version number as "0.1beta". Thought you'd like to know.)
  24. shadowy

    shadowy Active Member

    As you will know, the return policy is now 15 minutes, so when can we expect a free trial version?
  25. wmm

    wmm Well-Known Member

    Ah, I see. I had assumed it would be something like adding a placeholder in the text of the key that would be expanded when the text was inserted, e.g., something like

    [Added at {time} on {date}.]

    would get inserted into your document as

    [Added at 14:22 on 2010/12/20.]

    so I was looking for the syntax or the command that would insert the placeholders for the date and time.

    The other thing I noticed was that the date and time formats don't match the system settings. I have my date and time settings as shown in the example above, but what I get instead from the function key is something like

    Dec 20, 2010 2:22:03 PM

    I would personally be satisfied with the fixed string if it matched my system settings, but I would also note that if you did adopt the more flexible symbol insertion mechanism I described above, you could also use that to specify the format to be used, e.g.,

    [Added at {time=HH:mm} on {date=yyyy/mm/dd}.]

    to produce the string I described, regardless of the system settings.
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