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  1. wmm

    wmm Well-Known Member

    Sorry, I've decided to give up on Keypurr. I just can't type reliably with two thumbs. The biggest problem is with the keys around the space bar -- I'm always hitting space when I want an "n" or the period key when I want a space. I'm going back to SlideIt or Swype: my index finger is much more dextrous than my thumbs, and holding the phone firmly in one hand while tracing with the other is much more comfortable than cradling the phone in my fingers and arching my thumbs over the screen (not to mention the fact that I'm much less likely to drop it). No knock intended on Keypurr -- I'm sure it's great for people who were already typing that way with some degree of success -- but it's not a "keeper" for me.

    I will mention in parting one issue that occasionally happened with me. I have a Nexus One, and I imagine the problem has something to do with the idiosyncrasies of that particular digitizer, but it occasionally happened that I would slide up on a key and get the lower symbol instead of the upper (e.g., slide up on "s" and get "6" instead of "a"). When it did happen, I could do it several times in a row, and sliding down would give me the upper symbol.

  2. shadowy

    shadowy Active Member

    No trial version forthcoming then? Shame, 15 minutes is obviously nowhere near enough to test a keyboard so I'll have to give it a miss.
  3. itisjustme

    itisjustme Well-Known Member

    I find myself using Keypurr less and less and only for one reason. I find using Keypurr to be difficult to use for password and name entry so I and up switching to swipe for that then switching back to Keypurr for the rest of my typing. Lately I find myself just not switching back to Keypurr just because its a pain doing so all the time. I find the slide up and slide down to be inaccurate many times making it difficult to get specific names and passwords entered. I am also going to put my Keypurr use on sold until Keypurtech and get a better way of this input ironed out.
  4. bonerp

    bonerp Well-Known Member

    I would prefer a manual entry button to override the auto text. Like on the HTC_ime mod - the xt9/abc button. This works much more effectively even if it means double clicking on a button for the 2nd letter or 3 times for a number.

    Just trying it out now. looks good though, first impressions and all that.
  5. bonerp

    bonerp Well-Known Member

    not exactly safe - if you lose your phone...

    Also, whats the sym key for - bottom left??

    I prefer to enter mine for certain sites.
  6. polstein

    polstein Well-Known Member

    Pretty interesting keyboard. Reminds me a lot of Cootek's Touchpal where you combine keys to save space & let error correction figure out which letter was meant. I fully agree that sliding a key is much much better then holding it down (something Touchpal does as well).

    I also very much like the entry of a word then click & hold on it to save it - would like the opposite as well (click & hold on a word I see in the suggested words to remove it so I never see it again).

    Oh - also like that if you completely miss the letter you wanted, auto correct can still step in sometimes and save you.

    Anyway, I'll have to run some tests on this vs Touchpal vs Swiftkey.
  7. pbwhite

    pbwhite Well-Known Member

    Very interesting keyboard. I default to Swype, but I like the addition of the F1/F2 keys for customization.

    At first I wanted to complain, as I tried to type the word 'traceability' with no luck, until I had to swipe up to get the correct letters. However, once I typed it, it recognized it the 2nd time no problem with no swiping.

    I do think that there might be a need to 'turn off' prediction when entering odd items like 'pbwhite@gmail', as it took me many attempts before I could get the keyboard to let me enter that without changing it each time to PBS@ - a similar experience to entering 'traceability' the first time.

    Finally, I entered it, but I'm not sure why or how it let me do it the final time.

    All in all, a very fast keyboard with two thumbs in landscape - which I never do with Swype, so it will be interesting to test this out both in landscape and portrait for a few days.
  8. wmm

    wmm Well-Known Member

    Note that the other four keys are also available for customization: they just have the arrows on them as the default action, but you can change that in the settings to insert text or the date/time as well.

    This is one of the things that was not intuitive to me. When you type a word that isn't in the dictionary, the actual letters you type appear in the leftmost position on the suggestion bar. When you hit a space or punctuation key, the thing that is underlined will be automatically inserted instead of what you typed. If you want what you typed, instead of what Keypurr thinks you meant, you have to tap that leftmost item, just as you would for one of the other suggestions, and that's what will be sent to the application. That caught me out a number of times until I got used to it.
  9. polstein

    polstein Well-Known Member

    Quick checking against the other sip's, but I think it's normal for the leftmost word to be what you typed, but space to pick the suggested word.

    OH - there's also a setting for this 'Auto Select Suggestion'
  10. shadowy

    shadowy Active Member

    On first use, I had an immediate problem with Handcent in landscape. As soon as I start typing the prediction window almost completely covers the input area making it unusable.
  11. bonerp

    bonerp Well-Known Member

    I am getting a message telling me to upgrade from the free trial! I bought the full app 2 days ago. Can someone please stop this annoying message from popping up. The market shows I have the full app installed and not the trial. PM me for my google details. Although I did email the address on the error message yesterday from my work address.

  12. judge_droid

    judge_droid Active Member

    Have tried it for all of 5 minutes so far, but here are some initial comments. Maybe there are adjustments for these things (I haven't really experimented with the settings yet)

    1) When flicking, it sometimes adds the next character above or below the target key.

    Sure I would get better at this with practice, but there should be a setting that says if the finger never leaves the screen.

    2) When using Colornote application, if I rotate to landscape, the word prediction bar doesn't leave any visible lines for writing notes. May need to scrunch the screen more in that one (or maybe it's a fault with Colornote, the title line takes up space, and this isn't the biggest screen).

    Overall still trying to get used to the layout, wondering if it will become 2nd nature soon. Will keep trying.
  13. bonerp

    bonerp Well-Known Member

    I am also experiencing this in my desire hd. Cant see whats being typed.
  14. lunameow

    lunameow Well-Known Member

    Sweet deal on the sale. I was still undecided on whether to buy it because I'm not sure I'll stay with it. But for that price, it's worth buying either way.

    I think my biggest problem is getting used to letting it autocorrect for me. On my LG KS360, my backspace key got a lot of use, and that's pretty much what I'm used to. But the more I use Keypurr, the more I like it.

    Amusing Keypurr story:
    Was sending a quick reply to a text just before my (non-smartphone-using) husband and I left work. He glanced over and said, "That's a really bizarre keyboard... have to double-tap a lot?" I just said, "Nope. Watch." Finished off my text without once needing to swipe or backspace. He's silent for a moment, then "Yeah... that's pretty cool."
  15. maccboy

    maccboy Member

    I've been tempted to shell out for Keypurr! I've downloaded it from the market and paid for it - and I've rebooted the phone (Desire). I can open the app - showing me all of the options, but the keyboard isn't there. Even if I use the 'Click for text testing', the default keyboard comes up. If I long press on a text box outside the program and choose 'Select Input Method', only Swype and the original keyboard show up.
    Am I missing something?

    EDIT: Found it! I've never had to go into the Language options to enable a keyboard before! Playtime!
  16. judge_droid

    judge_droid Active Member

    Is it possible to assign the voice-to-text feature to one of the function keys, or to bring up the microphone icon?

    The more we use Keypurr the more we like it so far, but the voice-to-text button is something we miss. Would be nice to have a shortcut within Keypurr.
  17. tomtom4

    tomtom4 Member

    The issue mentioned in the review regarding landscape mode has been fixed in the latest release (1.2). When typing in landscape the text box will always remain clearly visible.[/QUOTE]

    I still cant see what im typing in landscape when the function keys are showing on my Droid Incredible. Most of the time I use portrait to type so this isnt a big deal for me. I just wanted to let you know. I am really happy with this keyboard and I have purchased the paid version. If not for the trial version, I probably wouldnt have given this a try especially with the new 15 minute return policy. Thank you.
  18. tomtom4

    tomtom4 Member

  19. holgalee

    holgalee Well-Known Member

    Just installed Keypurr a few days ago without knowing the free trial will end tomorrow! :( I like the big keys but it does take a while to get used to. If not read through all the posts here, but wonder why there are so many non-words that are the first choice? When I typed the, it's usually rhe unless I select the correct word. I find that a chore compared to to Gingerbread keyboard. But you've got a great product...if only I have more time to try and convince myself this is what I need.
  20. honyock

    honyock Member

    I just installed Keypurr a couple of days ago and so far, so good. I've spent the evening doing time trials comparing Keypurr, the stock Android keyboard, and Ultra Keyboard (a swyping keyboard I'd been using before keypurr). I may detail the results in another message (Keypurr won, a bit faster than the stock keyboard, and Ultra was way behind, both in time and accuracy, which surprised me).

    I do have one question at this point. I noted that it was recommended to enter things such as your email address into the dictionary. However, when I try to do so, Keypurr quits recognizing the email address as a single word as soon as I type "@", and then again as soon as I type ".". So, I can't figure out how to enter "" in the dictionary, since Keypurr seems to think I've started a new word after "@" and again after ".". What am I doing wrong here?

    My speed and accuracy in Keypurr seem to break down when I'm typing a lot of abbreviations or slang or words with backslashes. I'm still learning when to switch from just typing, to paying attention to swyping up on the necessary keys on irregular words, abbreviations, etc.

    But overall I'm pleased. I'm typing a little faster in portrait with Keypurr than I can in landscape with the stock keyboard. I expect to keep improving as I keep learning the punctuation keys and get more words entered into the dictionary.
  21. gdot

    gdot Well-Known Member

    I've used it for a couple weeks and enjoyed using it until I have to type irregular words. I just couldn't get used to swiping/flicking of the letters/symbols. It would take me an average of 5 swipes to get the proper letter.
  22. wildrose

    wildrose Member

    So really, the use of the word "flick" is actually the wrong word - "short slide" would be more appropriate

    Thank you - I've been struggling with the 'flick' as I usually end up pressing the key, and getting the main letter. Probably a carryover because my main goto keyboard is actually MessagEase. Keypurr may be the keyboard that can convince me to use a qwerty layout on my phone, though.
  23. barqers

    barqers Well-Known Member

    I just read this post today and wanted to try Keypurr, but I'm afraid this 15 minute policy is relatively short. I just missed the trial version deadline. Is there a possibility of a trial version coming out again?

    I'm not really willing to splurge money only to have me frantically trying the keyboard with a cooking timer beside me, only to ring obtrusively in order for me to decide if I want to keep the keyboard or return it.
  24. honyock

    honyock Member

    I'd be interested in seeing some actual user comparisons, using a swyping keyboard and something like Keypurr. For all the claims people make about speed on swyping, I'm curious what an objective test would show. It was interesting that my perception of greater speed with swyping (and it sounds like yours too) wasn't borne when testing it out. Maybe the Keypurr folks should promote a "Take the Challenge" kind of test. I saw the so called speed record set on Swype awhile back (back when I was using a swyping keyboard), and I thought it was a little bit of a parlor trick - they used text that included some long and complicated words, which are very advantageous for a swyper, as long as those words are in the dictionary. Not saying a good swyper isn't really fast and couldn't wax my behind, but in a real world test for the average person with a representative number of short and medium words, I'm curious whether the swyping advantage I keep hearing about would show up as that strongly.

    Meanwhile, I'll be gradually entering all my irregular words and acronyms and abbreviations into the Keypurr dictionary, and learning to short slide the G in "got" so not to end up with "for".
  25. Jazziette

    Jazziette Well-Known Member

    Since this thread is titled: Keypurr Feedback, I thought I would leave you with my thoughts as well.

    I downloaded three different keyboards from the market:

    Better Keyboard

    Smart Keyboard


    I gave each of them a fair chance, using them at least a week each. The most difficult one for me to use was Keypurr. It was a very frustrating experience for me and I I didn't like anything about it actually. (Apologies to those of you who love it!)

    I liked Smart Keyboard but there were some issues with it that I didn't like that much either. But it was actually very close in between Better Keyboard and Smart Keyboard.

    Better Keyboard won out for a couple of reasons.
    One: It has wider keys in landscape view and it has a row of frequently used symbols up at the top of the keyboard which makes puncuation very easy.

    Also, the voice feature works great.

    It's very elegant looking as well, IMO.

    So...there ya go! Another feedback! :)

    PS....I don't care much for Swype. I text fast and accurately and Swype actually slows me down.
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