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  1. Chaznsc

    Chaznsc Well-Known Member

    My wife's Kinds Fire connects fine to everything we have tried connecting it to......except the office. We use a WPA encryption setting and a broadcast SSID. The KS "sees" the SSID, but thinks it is "WEP" encryption and these is no way to edit that from what I see in front of me. When we type in the password, it chews on it, then states the password is incorrect.

    So I manually type in the SSID, select WPA, type in the password, and it gets as far as OBTAINING IP ADDRESS, but fails to connect. I'm obviously CLOSE, but still not connected.

    I have tested the same setting on my Galaxy 7.0 Plus, iPad, Phone, etc. They all connect without issue.

    Anything I should do next? The KF is up to date.


  2. Chaznsc

    Chaznsc Well-Known Member

    Update - MY Droid X is now doing the exact same thing. Funny the iPad and Samsung 7.0 Plus are flawlessly connecting.
  3. As far as being in the stock state I suggest sideloading an app that will be able to make it work more smoother. If its rooted then it wouldn't be that difficult IMO. I've had this problem before when trying to connect to my office's Wi-Fi with my KF and it thinks that its trying to connect it has a non-encrypted connection when there is most definitely one. I can't remember the name of the app that I used, but I'll look more into and then PM you or post my find on here.
  4. Chaznsc

    Chaznsc Well-Known Member

    I would appreciate that, its making me nuts LOL

  5. No problem. The research I've been doing so far makes it seem that it could be a malfunction with the device. I don't why Amazon wouldn't look into it more for the next update, but many people have been having problems with this same exact issue. If you call Amazon's Customer Service they probably would be happy to send you a new one. I think your wife got lucky and got one of the handfuls that's been having this issue. Now as far as apps, I can't think of any better ones then whats in the stock device its self. Unless you want to root her device and then get a better WiFi program that actually works that way then that will probably be your best bet. If someone else knows a good app then feel free to pitch in :)

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