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Kickback Code Not Working?

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  1. george01

    george01 New Member

    I have an android optimus v phone for virgin mobile. I activated the phone a few days ago online. Problem was the phone didn't activate at first because apparently it didn't record me making a payment. I then fixed this problem by calling them.

    However... I do not see any free 60 minutes for the kickback code. Is there a reason for this? I used my cousins kickback code so me and him could both get 60 minutes free. I read online that if you didn't activate the phone correctly... then you dont get the offer? The thing is i had entered my information and code correctly but when i did this my phone didn't work. According to them... the phone was in the system but I didn't make payment. Right now they tell me everything is good now.

    They told me i'm suppose to see the kickback thing when i log into my virgin mobile account online. However... I do not see anything on this in my account. Can someone please help?

  2. george01

    george01 New Member

    I see this mentioned about kickback codes. Your account must be current when Virgin Mobile attempts to deposit the referral bonus into your account. If it's not , no bonus(Sorry). Virgin Mobile may terminate the promotion at any time without prior notice.

    The thing is all my cousin did was give me the code. I then entered it. However... did he need to tell virgin mobile that he referred me? The thing is i just received the code from him and thats it and i entered it. But does he need to tell virgin mobile my name and address?

    And if not... is there a chance that i might not get my kickback bonus because when i tried to activate my phone, it didn't work until 2 days later when i called Virgin mobile to fix my problem? It was not in service at all the last 2 days since i activated it.
  3. Petrah

    Petrah Psychotic Female

    I had this happen also. After getting the OPv I had given my old phone to my daughter and created an account for her and got her going with her first months payment. Used the kickback code and did not recieve the 60 free minutes. My account was active (must be active to log in and go that deep into your account for the kickback code to begin with) and so was hers. Even called them 3 times and they still never fixed it. I eventually just gave up.
  4. mandy052879

    mandy052879 Member

    One way to check for the bonus is to log into your account and then on the right hand side click on account history. It will pop up a box that will show your voice minutes and under that any bonus minutes. This will work both on the computer as well as your phone. Hope that helps!

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