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  1. kmf

    kmf Well-Known Member

    Just curious: is anyone actually using the kickstand, and if so, for what?

  2. Ziphless

    Ziphless Well-Known Member

    I only use it when I want to turn on landscape view . Otherwise landscape mode is off, it drives me crazy. Otherwise I do think it's pointless.
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  3. Dark Reality

    Dark Reality Well-Known Member

    Love the kickstand. Sometimes I'll set it on something on the kickstand, sometimes slip my middle and ring fingers under it for sort of a better grip. Goofy but neat. Plus, video. Duh. :p
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  4. matt88si

    matt88si Well-Known Member

    I use it pretty much any time the phone is not in my hands or pocket. Its great for when i receive a message and didnt hear the notification - the flashing LED is directed towards my eyes via the phone's angle using the kickstand. Otherwise, videos and reading.
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  5. BoppinMidge

    BoppinMidge Active Member

    i would be more inclined to use it, if they hadnt put the charging/hdmi out ports on the "bottom" of the phone when the kickstand is in use. if im going to watch anything worth the kickstand, id like to be plugged in.
  6. scanman

    scanman Well-Known Member

    The kickstand can be used either right side up or up side down.
  7. Dark Reality

    Dark Reality Well-Known Member

    True. But when or if the spring or whatever keeps the kickstand tense weakens, it will only be viable with the ports down.

    So what you do is, make a little stand with a hole for the ports. If I can lay my hands on some woodworking equipment, it should be easy. Doesn't have to be pretty. Just needs a hole 1" wide with half an inch to the left for the left side to rest on. Then the cables are out of sight. A decent craftsperson can make an elegant stand/shelf in an afternoon or so. Measure, cut, glue, finish, let dry. A student could probably make a decent one. If it were me (and honestly, I'm just theorizing here, I've never done wood work, haha) I'd eliminate the need for the kickstand, and optimize the angle to the best viewing angle. With the kickstand, it lays back too far, you have to lean over it.

    Kickstand also seems to support standard portrait. Try it! May not be too stable, and when the kickstand is out, the phone forces landscape, but technically it still works. If you get something that overrides the rotation, it'll stay portrait. FBReader for example, I have it set to force portrait. I just checked, it will override the kickstand.

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