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Kid Control

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  1. tonykolev

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    Mar 1, 2010
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    "Kid Spend Control" is a program for limiting the time duration of outgoing phone calls,specified in minutes, in daily and monthly basis. I wrote it with the need of controlling my children irresponsibility and to protect me from surprises in phone bill.

    Easiest way to install - directly from phone use: market -> search -> Kidroid for lite (limited functionality) version, or KidControl for full, 2.99$ version.


    Link to Mobile Application Marketplace Statistics and Analysis site:
    Kid Spend Control Lite - Cyrket

    The main functionality of the program - to block outgoing calls when they reach the defined time limit. Additional functionality - to notify the user when the use is close to the limit as well as providing information about the current state of daily and monthly call counters.
    Additional functionality - to block all outgoing calls to certain numbers depending on the list.
    Additional functionality - to provide access for all outgoing calls to certain numbers depending on the list.


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