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  1. quindev

    quindev Member

    Kidroid is an educational game for kids of ages between 3 and 5 years, it improves their recognition skills.

    With Kidroid, you can teach your kids how to match images, read or listen to an object name and match it with its image.

    Watch the video of the game on youtube.


  2. ldougherty

    ldougherty Well-Known Member

    I believe the ages 3-5 is a little old for this game as my 2 year old can match up items..

    With that being said the whole screen touching thing is what throws him off; a neat option would be on the voice matching section to have the game automatically state something and the kid would simply need to press the matching item on the screen.

    If you were able to accomplish that and then include something more than just animals such as letters and numbers I'd pay for that.
  3. quindev

    quindev Member


    The game already have a voice matching section. In this section the kid can play a sound then press on the matching image.

    The full version of Kidroid has hundreds of images, not just animals but also another objects.

    I think letters and numbers will be available in the next update.
  4. ldougherty

    ldougherty Well-Known Member

    What I meant about voice matching was instead of having to click on the image to initiate a sound first and then match the sound to an image that the system would automatically play a sound and you match the image.

    Therefore eliminate the need for the initial press.
  5. quindev

    quindev Member

    Now the sound is associated with item name to be more educative
  6. quindev

    quindev Member

    Download the free demo version, Kidroid (Demo), first
  7. quindev

    quindev Member

    Full Function Demo
  8. quindev

    quindev Member

    Need your feedback on this game
  9. quindev

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