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  1. behuia

    behuia New Member

    I downloaded Kies Air and tried to connect to PC through wifi.
    When I put the address (shown on Kies Air when I start the app) into the browser's URL (on PC), it won't work...


    My laptop is HP ProBook 4501s.
    Windows 7.

  2. antoeknee

    antoeknee Well-Known Member

    Presumably your laptop is part of a network which is required for Air.

    At home this would be via a wired/wireless connection using a router that can hand out an IP address.

    If so then there should be no problem.

    I've used on many different networks home/work and various OS, XP, 7 and 32/64 bit.
  3. behuia

    behuia New Member

    Hmm... ok...
    I've actually used Kies Air before, and it worked then.
    But it doesn't now...
    And I'm using wireless internet...
  4. antoeknee

    antoeknee Well-Known Member

    OK thing to check:

    the IP shown on the screen is in the same range as your network

    make a note of the IP on the phone and on a PC/laptop on the same network, goto the command prompt and type ipconfig

    The first 2 octets should be enough to confirm the same network, so for instance if IP on phone started 192.168.x.x then the PC IP should start the same.

    If they are the same it should work.

    If possible try on another network

    Ensure any internet security package isn't preventing the access.
  5. behuia

    behuia New Member

    I think I found the problem.
    Firstly, the IP address on the phone and laptop are the same. (at least the first 6 digits are).
    I tried Kies Air at uni, using uni laptop.
    It worked...
    Maybe I should try it again at uni with my laptop...
    This is very frustrating...
  6. FLUSAboy

    FLUSAboy New Member

    My Galaxy Sii will also not connect to Win 7 Laptop.
    When i enter the Ip all I get on the laptop;s browser window is:

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