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  1. northlondon43

    northlondon43 Member

    When I first got the phone I could connect using my router. Since then whenever I your in the IP address into my browser the laptop won't recognize the address. I've checked that the laptop address is similar via ipconfig in the command window and it's fine. I've also turned off the Norton firewall but that didn't help. Any ideas anyone? Thanks

  2. steslatt

    steslatt Well-Known Member

    Someone has mentioned this not working before but I never saw a solution. Only thing I can suggest is use your phone as a portable wifi hotspot and connect your laptop to your phones wifi see if it works that way.
  3. chiefroastbeef

    chiefroastbeef Well-Known Member

    Kies is garbage anyway, no need to use it.
  4. northlondon43

    northlondon43 Member

    Thanks as I can now connect using my phone as a portable hotspot. However I still dont understand why I have to do this rather than connect using my main wifi router.:confused:
  5. Gurba

    Gurba Well-Known Member

    Remember to input http:// and not just the IP. Also remember that it's not neccesarily the same IP every time. :)
  6. northlondon43

    northlondon43 Member

    Cheers but already aware of that
  7. Rudedawg

    Rudedawg Well-Known Member

    Digging this thread up to bump for ideas. Nothing ive tried works and I suspect its the ROM. Using VillainROM and since installing Ive not been able to connect to Kies air or Android sync manager over wifi. Can't find anything online remotely related. :(
  8. shlifs

    shlifs New Member

  9. Hawker

    Hawker Well-Known Member

    Your ip address for your gs2 is probably different to when you first managed to connect. Go into your wireless settings and select your router. It will report what ip address your router has allocated to your gs2. Eg. The url you originally connected with is probably something like ie the 101 has changed to 102 for example. Change the address in the browsers url to match and bob's your uncle.
  10. jaliy

    jaliy Well-Known Member

    make sure there's no other device on the network using the same ip
  11. spark001uk

    spark001uk Active Member

    If i may add my input (found through trial and error), hopefully it'll clear up some of these points.

    1. KIES Air DOES NOT work properly in Chrome browser (come on Samsung, its a Google device for goodness sake!), for example it may not do anything when you try and download a file from the phone to the PC. Use IE instead.

    2. In IE, when typing the URL you have to put a / after the 8080, or it won't work.

    Hope this helps!
  12. heshanj

    heshanj Well-Known Member

    Kies Air works fine on chrome, for me.. so i dont think its an issue with that.. however, i can only download/upload single files. i'll give IE a go n see how it goes :)
  13. DaveSyd

    DaveSyd Well-Known Member

    I am running IE9 and I can't get Kies Air to work in any configuration, with the URL's mentioned above? The Browaser seems to connect (SGS2 notifies and asks to Allow or not) then the browser window crashes?
  14. profchandus

    profchandus New Member

    Kies works perfectly over get it working go to settings /wireless and network / Kies via Wi-Fi...the phone will scan for devices on your network, when one shows up just click on it and a box pops up on your computer screen to authorize and off you go.

    Does well on my GS2.
  15. DaveSyd

    DaveSyd Well-Known Member

    Profchandos - Appreciate it works for you - but it does not work for me. No time for the uninstall reinstalled treadmill at the moment :-(
  16. profchandus

    profchandus New Member

    Sorry about that, I have no idea what's happening to your device...I find Kies via wifi and Kiea Air better to use than with a usb cable....good luck.
  17. Marese73

    Marese73 New Member

    Hi, I had the same problem I only have my fone about a month and it connected to the wifi a couple of times. then stopped. I tried some of the fixes listed above but notn worked.

    I no this is a bit obvious but I disconnected from my wifi and switched it off and on again and then reconnected. then i restarted kies and there was a new address shown. ie the 102 had changed to 103 so i entered that in the browser and it worked for me.

    hope it helps.

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  18. waues

    waues New Member

    Hi guys,

    This problem bothered me for a month and today I find the solution.

    I know it's strange, but you just have to connect your pc to router via WIFI, wired connection won't work.

    Anyway, remember connect both phone and pc to router via WIFI.

    Hope it works for you!

    Good day!
  19. vhii81

    vhii81 New Member


    Does anyone know whats the solution? i have the same issue. I can conect to wifi fine but i can't use kies air and i can't scan for other wifi devices (when i try to send file using wifi network).

    Please help :(

  20. samgalaxys2fan

    samgalaxys2fan New Member

    Hello all,

    I registered with this forum only for the sole purpose of confirming the fact that the above poster named Marese's solution worked perfectly, and since I had tried anything and everything to fix this pesky problem before trying out Marese's solution, I can confidently say that this is the ultimate fix we are looking for. Your experience may vary depending on which phone you got. Mine is samsung galaxy S 2.

    Anyways, in my case what I did was to disconnect the phone from wifi. then I shut down my wifi router for good for 10 seconds and replugged it on. then i turned on wifi on the phone and 5 seconds later clicked on Keis Air icon and boom! it worked!
  21. notyrmma

    notyrmma Member

    I have had phone for 2 weeks. I tried using Kies air a few times, and it worked, though once or twice I got the "page can't load/can't connect" on my PC (using Firefox). Now it won't open at all. I can't do a damn thing. I tried all the suggestions above to no avail. Now what?! When I connect via usb it's total crap- won't show small icons of my pics, though oddly the first time I connected via usb it DID show the pics for a minute, then they turned into icons with numbers that are unviewable unless I look at them individually in Windows picture viewer, but doing so I am unable to even rotate them. WTF?!

    HOW do I get kies air to work?? I just tried downloading Kies softward, and that's not working either!
  22. notyrmma

    notyrmma Member

    Hey! Just thought of something and it worked for me. I had to restart my PC! Stupid laptop (crappy Dell) has a lot of wifi connectivity issues. All the damn time. ANyway, it seems to have fixed the issue. This time at least.
  23. Didgesteve

    Didgesteve New Member

    I had this same problem, watched Kies connect once, but never connected again, kept stalling. Tried Mozilla, Chrome and Explorer, all with the same result. Then I noticed lots of Java icons stacked up in the taskbar, and under closer inspection, lots of instances of java started in the task manager.
    Turns out the problem is the Java cache on your PC, it doesn't clear after you drop the connection, and prevents further re-connection attempts. Uninstall the Java on your PC and it all works fine. Not sure what you need to do if Java is essential to you.
  24. WiseguySGS

    WiseguySGS New Member

    Hi to all! Unfortunately, I don't still have a solution to this problem, but I narrowed our search a little. I concluded it is definately a network/router problem. I tried it on diferent networks, somewhere it works perfectly, but at my home network it doesn't work at all. I tried forwarding 8080 port in my router - doesn't work, opened the port in windows firewall, tried turning off WF and Kaspersky - doesn't work. My final final argumen for the conclusion that is a network/router problem is that I tried two more similar apps for this purpose, and had the identical problem with both of them like with the Kies air.

    Hopes this interests someone enough to try fixing it on the router or in windows, I searched all over google results on different seraches and still nothing. Tahnx in advance.
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  25. Hawker

    Hawker Well-Known Member

    1. Determine your CURRENT ip address. This CAN CHANGE every time you connect, so do this before you want to use Kies Air. To do this, do the following:
    menu>settings>wireless+network>wifi settings
    then tap your router your connected into

    this will then display your allocated ip address (eg.

    2. Open Kies Air
    3. tap Start
    4. In IE/Firefox/Chrome connect with (eg.)
    if this doesnt work then try (eg.)

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