Kies and change of backup directory

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  1. Yarrakid

    Yarrakid Member


    Does anyone know how to change the backup directory path say to an external disc ?. I am sure at one stage Kies allowed this to happen. The problem is the lack of space one my default drive C: which has limited space on it even removing quite a bit of stuff from the drive still not enough to complete the backup successfully.

    Any help please.



  2. samwood579

    samwood579 New Member

    I have had no luck, did you ever figure it out?


  3. BionicDR

    BionicDR New Member

    Kies > Preferences. General

    • Folder location: Select the folder location that Kies will use to store content you add to your library. Click Change to select a new location.
    I had to exit and reopen for this change to take effect.
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  4. samwood579

    samwood579 New Member

    You are amazing

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