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KIES? Can not update via it?Support

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  1. Edtek

    Edtek Active Member

    I get a message in KIES that my device can not be updated via the software, which I find odd.

    Does it update OTA? Or is there a specific driver I have to use?

  2. Edtek

    Edtek Active Member


    I have tried under Windoes 7 x64, Windows XP, and Windows Vista. I'm plugged directly into the back ports on the towers.

    Anyone know how to solve this?

    Could it be that Rogers has locked this device to updates as well?
  3. Jesslynh

    Jesslynh Well-Known Member

    I did EVERYTHING I could to get Kies to work--I even contacted the (horrible) Samsung Support folks. Luckily, you can OTA update.

    Go to Settings>About Device> Software Update and you'll be fine. That's what I did, but at work that sucker took forever! Next time I'll do it at home where I have a faster connection.

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