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  1. koseyboy

    koseyboy Member

    I have a new firmware update ready fro my phone in Kies. My phone connects to Kies and I can manage my contacts etc with no connection problems. However, Kies now always loses connection with my phone after it downloads the firmware update. It then connects to the phone again and asks if I want to update the firmware again and then proceeds to lose the connection again - this goes on and on in a never ending loop...

    Any suggestions on how to keep the connection going between my phone and Kies? I have uninstalled and reinstalled the software and drivers numerous times and tried many fixes which have been proposed here and elsewhere. Any thoughts and help would be greatly appreciated.

    Is there any other way I can get this official firmware update to my phone without using Kies?

    Thanks in advance...

  2. mgstolk

    mgstolk New Member

    I have the exact same problem.
    Using Windows 7, running Kies as administrator. Same on my laptop.
    I have a Samsung Galaxy S Plus, even returned the phone to the T-mobile shop and got a new one today, same problem.

    Current firmware version: PDA:KF4 / Phone:KF4 / CSC:KF1 (XEN)
    Latest firmware version: PDA:KF8 / Phone:KF8 / CSC:KF2 (XEN)
  3. shreyasvb

    shreyasvb Member

    Do d update process in windows XP....for some reason, d firmware upgrade doesn't work in windows 7...
  4. brumex

    brumex New Member

    It happened to me. When the ace was in downloading mode, the drivers were installed again and the update marked 0% for a long time. I interrupted everything, restarted the computer and the ace and tried the firmware update again.

    It just worked! Kies downloaded the firmware, prepared it and transferred with no problems to the ace.

    Just try again! I believe the key point is that windows detects the ace differently while in downloading mode and installs the drivers again.

    good luck!
  5. mgstolk

    mgstolk New Member

    Update: Tried on an xp machine. That didnt work either

    Removing my virusscanner now and giving it another go
    Again, no result. Going to visit a service center and if that doesnt help, back to the shop.
  6. mgstolk

    mgstolk New Member

    Even at the service center the firmware upgrade could not be done. Still in the first week of purchase, so i decided to get yet another one.

    To be continued.
  7. mgstolk

    mgstolk New Member

    Tired of this ****, got a SII, closed thread on my part.

  8. when the kies download the file and prepaired for install, you should unplug and replug the samsung phone, and it must be in the usb mode. not kies mode. after installing, the kies ask for changing the mode to kies.
  9. hayre007

    hayre007 New Member

    had the same problem as above - took phone of sleep mode when charing and it took the update no problems. on frodo about to upgrade again to ginger bread.

    hope this helps.

    Also removing the external sd card and formatting the internal drive helped with connection problems with kies.
  10. djcurzed

    djcurzed Member

    Had the same problem used my pc at work. Vista . It now gets all the way to actually saying downloading on my galaxy ace and the updates were all downloaded and stuff but it stays on 0 percent when updating the phone then gives me a unable to update error or something like this .. didnt see cause it just closed the window when i wasnt looking and obviously displayed a message that exits. Sigh gonna flash it tonight sick of this stupid shit software
  11. mchash123

    mchash123 New Member

    im realy pssed off, i have tryed to update my s3 many times and it just dont work using kies, This is what samsung told me to do,
    Thank you for contacting Samsung.

    I’m sorry you’re having connection issues with our KIES software. I can understand your frustration about this.

    Please make sure that your computer has the minimum systems requirements, shown at the bottom of the KIES download page, in order to run this software. Please follow the process below which may help with the ability to connect to KIES:

    1) Make sure no 3rd party Launchers are installed on the device
    2) Make sure USB debugging is turned off (Settings > Applications > Development in Gingerbread, or Settings > Developer options in ICS)
    3) Make sure Bluetooth is turned off
    4) Make sure that the device is unlocked and on the home screen
    5) It may be necessary to remove the microSD card if inserted
    6) Connect the device to the computer via the USB data cable
    7) Wait for the computer to notify you that your device has been recognised

    If you are running Windows Vista or Windows 7, before launching the KIES software, please try the following process:

    1) Connect your handset to the computer via a USB data cable
    2) Right click on the Samsung Kies icon on your desktop and select Troubleshoot compatibility
    3) Select Try the recommended settings
    4) Select Start the program

    This should launch KIES software with the optimal settings. If your device does not connect successfully after following the above process, please confirm if the device is showing as a portable device within Windows. This can be done by selecting Start > Computer, the device should be visible within the ‘Devices’ section. If your device does not show up here you may still need to install the device and USB drivers for your particular product.

    You can find all available downloads for your device by searching the model number on the link below:

    You can view a useful video tutorial about the various features of the KIES software, including how to back up your important files and update the software on your device, by visiting the link below:

    And that dont work either, please there must be a way!!!
  12. scary alien

    scary alien not really so scary Moderator


    Let me know if you would like your post to be moved to the S3 forum (I've left it here for the time being since it seems like your post is largely about your frustration with Kies).

    Also, cheers and welcome to the AndroidForums--we're glad you signed-up with us.

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