Kies does not work with 4.0.4 update before factory resetSupport

  1. jaliy

    jaliy Well-Known Member

    so everything is fine with 4.0.3. one day i connected to kies and found 4.0.4 update and that's when the nightmare started.

    lots of bugs and glitches in 4.0.4. i tried to connect to kies to see if there's a quick fix patch but guess what? kies does not work with 4.0.4. when i hook up the usb it says no sim card inserted.

    i'm not rooted so i guess there's no way for me to rollback to 4.0.3
    what options do i have

  2. madkinggeorge

    madkinggeorge Active Member

    I had same problem, i fixed it by:
    Backing up info you need.
    Factory Reset

    This cured Kies, e-mail problems apparently before any big update it is recommended to do this.
    Unfortunately you do have to set phone back up to the way you like it; don't think i will bother with future updates!
    Hope this helps.
  3. ironass

    ironass Well-Known Member

    Hardly a, "WARNING".

    It seems to work for lots of other people on 4.0.4... just not you and maybe some others. This has been the case with every Android release.

    Make sure you have the latest version of Kies downloaded, (9 Aug, 2012)

    If that doesn't help, then as per madkinggeorge's post, a Factory Reset and connect your phone to Kies before re-loading it with app's.
  4. jaliy

    jaliy Well-Known Member

    i did another factory reset and it seems to work this time
    i swear after the 4.0.4 update i did 2 factory reset because i wasn't getting any data network. and if i remember correctly, the first ics did not require a manual reset.

    anyway, now the only problem with 4.0.4 is the hotmail sync problem with default email app
  5. ironass

    ironass Well-Known Member

    You could change your thread title to remove the word, "WARNING", as it is not an inherent Android 4.0.4 problem and could prove misleading. ;)
  6. jaliy

    jaliy Well-Known Member

    Can't edit titles
  7. ironass

    ironass Well-Known Member

    Yes you can... if you are the OP... go to the first post... Edit > Go Advanced... then you can edit the thread title. ;)
  8. Russell Ng

    Russell Ng Well-Known Member

    If you only have sync problem with hotmail using the default email app, I would say that is an improvement. I have an issue with all the emails in the default email app. Just doesn't work as good as under GB and is a common problem.
  9. jaliy

    jaliy Well-Known Member

    i had no problem with the first ics update(4.0.1)
    only had problem in 4.0.4

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