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  1. danmdan

    danmdan Member

    I'm in UK with a very new Galaxy S2 still on Android 2.3.3, and wanting to update to ICS, using an Apple Mac Mini/Kies, to which I connect by USB cable.

    Connects to Kies, but gets message :"Your device does not support software upgrading via Kies" - nor will Kies even allow me to do backups to the Mac.

    Any thoughts, anyone ?

  2. danmdan

    danmdan Member

    It seem my updating is stopped by my Galaxy S2 having been bought in Belgium, with a CSC? of "PRO" - if that is the case what UK CSC will allow updating to ICS ?
  3. It seems like Macs have some problems with kies
  4. danmdan

    danmdan Member

    Ah - I thought you might say that ! Any answer on the correct CSC to change from "PRO" ?

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