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  1. rpjd

    rpjd Member

    I am trying to upgrade from Android 2.1 to Froyo. When I connect, KIES alerts me the newest firmware upgrade and I click upgrade. A window opens showing KIES preparing firmware upgrade components. Problem is (I think its a problem) KIES loses connection to the phone, the window becomes non-responsive, Cancel button is not active, nor is the X button to close the window. KIES then re-establishes the connection, but the Cancel button remains non-active. Meanwhile the progress bar is going back and forth as if it doing something but it obviously not. The only way to close the windows is using control+alt+delete. Has anyone had any similar problem doing a firmware upgrade on a galaxy s? Open to suggestions!

  2. rpjd

    rpjd Member

    Sent an email to Samsung yesterday regarding my issue with KIES. Got a reply in which they say KIES has developed a fault causing the firmware upgrade process to fail (crash). They advised to uninstall KIES and download using a link they provided. I did, but encountered the same problem again with KIES, which I have reported to them. Might get feedback tomorrow! Don't know if this is a cross-platform issue or not, I'm using Windows 7 Home Premium. Hopefully this will get rectified asap.
  3. rpjd

    rpjd Member

    Been in contact with Samsung and they have no idea what is or may be causing the KIES firmware upgrade process to crash. I explained that my OS is only recently installed so something else must be conflicting with KIES. They advised me to bring the phone to their repair center where the upgrade can be done.
  4. glcmynz

    glcmynz Guest

    I am also encountering problems upgrading my Galaxy S I9000T via Kies. The upgrade procedure seems to unable to find a "model information server" most times. The times that I don't get this error message (ie progressed to downloading firmware files), the upgrade procedure says that the a "link" is disconnected by the server.

    My specs:
    Location: NZ Carrier: Telecom NZ
    Firmware version: 2.1-update1 Build number: ECLAIR.DOKA1

    Firmware version reported by KIES:

    Latest firmware version that KIES is trying to install:

    Does anyone know where we can download this firmware directly to install ourselves independently of the KIES application? ... and "how-to-flash" instructions too please....

  5. rpjd

    rpjd Member

    To my knowledge, KIES is the only program that the firmware server will support. Your best bet is to bring it to a local service center and have them do the upgrade, usually a 24 hours turnaround.
  6. Cadaver999

    Cadaver999 New Member

    I installed the latest version of the KIES from the Samsung Mobile Website. I had been waiting for the OS update for quite a time in India. After several failed attempts and trying everything to edit the registry and everything it failed to see an OS update for my SGS.

    Finally all that changed yesterday and I hooked in my SGS and it asked to update the OS, it started downloading the firmware after decypting binary codes etc it shooted to 100%, but the moment it does Windows7 says it cant recognise my phone. The usb device is not recognised. the screen on my phone says downloading with the android digging.

    I reinstalled the Samsung Galaxy Drivers, but no luck. Now I have phone formatted my Eclair is still running but I have this terrible itch to upgrade it and I do not really want to use ODIN> :mad:
  7. ChrisAG

    ChrisAG Well-Known Member

    Try upgrading via Kies on a friend's PC. Not optimal, but it may work.
  8. Cadaver999

    Cadaver999 New Member

    Update changed computers, put my phone in debugging mode and let it update the drivers and then hooked it again in SKies mode, and updated my phone took 20 minutes!!! That easy, I am not sure if it was due to the driver or coz I changed computers yet again. Hope it helps someone else!


    I have a samsung galaxy ace, v 2.2.1 and when i downloaded Kies It came up with an update. I started the update, and its been running for about 4 hours now. Its Not moved off 0%, and the screen on my phone still sais downloading... The cancel button is faded out so i dont know what to do :/
  10. rynlpin

    rynlpin Well-Known Member

    Kies is the biggest pile of crap ever to be developed. Try factory resetting your phone before updating, this has always worked for me.
  11. vikingisson

    vikingisson Well-Known Member

    what he said... worst. app. evar.

    Factory reset before an upgrade is the way to go, the upgrade will do it anyway so do it before and the upgrade has a better chance. Even better, root it flash a much better rom.

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