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Kies import/export csv file formatGeneral

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  1. Lembasts

    Lembasts Active Member

    I have exported all my contacts to a csv file to do a major cleanup. Does anyone know if I can delete all the columns I dont need? Or does the Kies require all the columns to be there for a successful import?

  2. hfinger

    hfinger New Member

    I had a problem with CSV contacts similar to yours.

    I was sent a spreadsheet with the contact details of 30 people I wanted to import to my Galaxy S II. I exported my current Contacts via Kies to CSV to check what the column (field) names were.

    Then I massaged the spreadsheet to get the data into the correct horizontal order, added the appropriate columns and column headings, and saved the spreadsheet to CSV format. But Kies would not merge these new entries into the existing in-phone Contacts.

    Do you have to include all the empty columns in a manually created CSV file? I always thought that standard practice with CSV was to just include the columns containing data, and that the importing application would fill in the empty columns itself.

    Has anyone successfully created a Contacts CSV file from a spreadsheet and imported it into their phone via Kies?


    PAOMAGGI New Member

    In my experience you don't need having all the columns, or columns with the same names. Kies ask you which columns to match.
    An important point:
    CSV need to have "," as separators, so if you have built the CSV with ";" as separators, as happened to me exporting Nokia contacts, you need opening the file with notepad, as example, and substitute ";" with "," to avoid the message : "wrong CSV file format"


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