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  1. lovedana16

    lovedana16 New Member

    I have read many other forums regarding this, but most of them are international s2's... Basically I have tried everything to get my phone to connect to kies... After recently chatting with a samsung person it seems there is an issue with the last update taking away the USB options to choose anything besides "mass storage" when you plug the phone in.
    My kies has been saying not a recognizable device (NO, my phone is not rooted or anything) and would not download any new drivers... I uninstalled and reinstalled kies and now kies is not even showing that it is trying to connect to anything! HELP!!!

    Ohh and I also am using a Macbook pro... I have a PC too but it won't work on that computer either...

    - Also taking out the microSD and Sim didn't work

    Thanks in advance!

  2. tuukka87

    tuukka87 Active Member

    same problem on my macbook pro, Kies air works, but I dont think you can get ICS over the air connection
  3. lovedana16

    lovedana16 New Member

    You can not get the update via kies air... I can not even get it on my PC to work either tho :(
  4. dopejayoh

    dopejayoh Well-Known Member

    Hmm. Have you tried troubleshooting the connection of your phone with Kies? It usually has a troubleshooting option if it's not connecting properly and it reinstalls drivers I believe. That's what I had to do at one point and it seemed to work for me.
  5. Atma

    Atma Well-Known Member

    I copied this from somewhere else. It has helped a few people. Worth a shot. :)

    recoil wrote:

    REINSTALL KIES, some of us need to reinstall Kies all together.

    -It's annoying but for some reason a large portion of us are having to uninstall/reinstall KIES and rebooting both our PC's and phones to get it updated properly due to the updated USB drivers that are packaged with the KIES update .

    What I did:
    1. unplug and reboot phone
    2. meanwhile, uninstall KIES and Samsung USB Drivers from PC via Add/Remove
    3. reboot PC
    4. reinstall KIES from Support - T-Mobile Cell Phones SGH-T989 | Samsung Cell Phones (go to:"manual & downloads" > "Software" > download applicable version of kies i.e. PC or Mac
    5. Launch KIES and let it run updates (phone still UNplugged)
    6. After KIES completed updating, top left will say "please connect device" ... Do so
    7. Patiently wait for windows to recognize and reinstall phone then Kies will go to the update screen once that has completed.
  6. ParishL31

    ParishL31 Well-Known Member

    And for once T-Mobile/Samsung actually live up to a deadline. Downloading ICS right now.

    Total noob, wrong thread. /facepalm
  7. Caker188

    Caker188 Well-Known Member

    I also used a MacBook pro to get ICS. If you have any problems getting it, let me know.

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