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  1. Rottitera

    Rottitera Member

    Kies keeps telling me to upgrade to the version...i follow instructions and when Kies starts up it tells me to upgrade again to the afformentioned version.....the message i get in the ^^Firmware Information^^ box is as follows.....

    Please update Samsung Kies to the latest version and then upgrade firmware.

    This is as far as i can get...i have even downloaded the latest version of Kies from the Samsung website and i end up back with the same problem.......Can anyone please help me here !!!!

    I have a galaxy s2 on Orange uk.........and windows 7 on the pc.

  2. caloyzki

    caloyzki Well-Known Member

    thanks for the help, but still same bs pop up message as before!
  3. ironass

    ironass Well-Known Member

  4. ironass

    ironass Well-Known Member

    For those of you who are ecperiencing problems with Kies here are some quick suggestions to try.

    Assuming that you have first tried to repair your connection in Kies, under Help > Troubleshoot connection, unsuccessfully and that you have ensured that you have turned off USB Debugging in Settings > Applications > Development.

    1. Un-install Kies and all of its drivers from your PC via Add/Remove Programs. Use Eusing Free Registry Cleaner afterwards to remove all traces from your registry:-

    Reboot your PC.

    2. Download and install the latest version of Kies to your PC from here:-

    Kies Samsung

    (Some people have noted that temporarily turning off their anti-virus and firewall helps during this procedure... don't forget to turn them back on afterwards!)

    3. After installation, right click on the Kies icon and select, "Run as administrator" to open Kies.

    4. Now go to your phone's dial pad, prior to connecting, and type in *#7284#

    You will then be shown, "Phone Util". (see screenshot)

    Only change the USB section to PDA.

    If PDA is already selected, then reselect it by selecting MODEM and then PDA straight afterwards. Go back to your phone's home screen and connect to Kies via USB.


    Hope this helps. If not, see this excellent post by our very own, Hawker, entitled, "Advanced steps to take for Kies connection problems". See here:-

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