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Kies SolutionTips

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  1. phfire

    phfire Well-Known Member

    For those who have trouble connecting their Kies to their PC. Here's a piece of advice.

    1. Uninstall old version of Kies using Revo uninstaller and remove all associated files.

    2. Download and install new Kies (Dec 2 as of this post).

    3. Launch Kies

    4. Connect device to a fast USB socket (normally at the back of the cpu casing)

    5. Download and apply update


  2. mmiranoc

    mmiranoc Member

    Still connection was lost when it is preparing for the firmware upgrade
  3. mmiranoc

    mmiranoc Member

  4. mmiranoc

    mmiranoc Member

    same as before
  5. phfire

    phfire Well-Known Member

    If connection is lost, close Kies and restart your pc. Repeat steps 3-5. It really takes a lot of patience to pull it off.
  6. phfire

    phfire Well-Known Member

  7. mmiranoc

    mmiranoc Member

    tried 5x still no good. do you have a firmware for DXKK4 multiple package? I think it's much easier to update using ODIN.
  8. phfire

    phfire Well-Known Member

    I don't know about the multiple package. I got mine from Kies. I remembered, it took me two retries for the first update. Then the same process for the hotfix.
  9. mmiranoc

    mmiranoc Member

    can you post the link of your KIES imma download the same KIES as yours.
  10. phfire

    phfire Well-Known Member

  11. phfire

    phfire Well-Known Member

    I'm quite positive the problem lies in Kies. When I didn't uninstall the old version, i got a BSOD after downloading and applying the update.
  12. mmiranoc

    mmiranoc Member

    Dude here is my error now -_- i really think the problem is in kies i used revo uninstaller to delete also the registry but now when i click the upgrade firm this is the prob

  13. mmiranoc

    mmiranoc Member

    Still lost connection. I quit KIES i will just wait for the DXKK4 in ODIN. Tnx for your guide anyway.
  14. phuongkhpt

    phuongkhpt New Member

    Pls help me update
  15. mmiranoc

    mmiranoc Member

    what country do you live sir? it is much easy to update using ODIN if you have a firmware for your country and mobile.
  16. phuongkhpt

    phuongkhpt New Member

    I Live VietNam.
    I use firmware S5360DXKJ3 .
    I need firmware DXKK4 but do not have the update by odin.
    Pls share firmware DXKK4 by odin.
  17. spliffy

    spliffy Well-Known Member

    as i have experienced on the bada platform, updating through kies is a pain during early days of release. try doing it overnight.

    any tips on how to fix the appstore? kies wont recognize my galaxy y
  18. jayem123

    jayem123 Active Member

    have you guys tried updating your firmware to KL2?

    im trying to update mine but cant continue because when its already in the process of updating it, it will suddenly stop and and error will appear saying that "firmware upgrade has stopped working"

    i have reinstalled kies twice but still always the same result
  19. chaitanyak

    chaitanyak Well-Known Member

    try it on WIN XP and if ur using XP then make sure u remove ur SD card from phone before u upgrading ur firmware this shud work as i 2 had same issues but phone got updated like charm when i tried on XP and un mounting SD card
    jayem123 likes this.
  20. jayem123

    jayem123 Active Member

    thanks sir, will give it a try :p
  21. phfire

    phfire Well-Known Member

    FYI: Kies is a lot stable now. Using it to update my tab and phone.
  22. amobbz

    amobbz New Member

    My Samsung Galaxy Y will *sometimes* not receive calls when the screen is locked.

    Full signal etc, but the person trying to call gets the message that I am "unavailable".

    My firmware is version 2.3.6 which was suggested as a fix for the problem, so it's just buggy as the previous version.

    This is the most basic use of a phone, and I would suggest that anyone thinking of buying a Samsung avoids them, because this is a really serious issue.

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