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  1. myitcv

    myitcv New Member

    Samsung Galaxy S3 (ICS 4.0.4)
    Build number IMM76D.I9300BUALF1

    I just installed Kies for Mac (downloaded file shows as KiesMac_1.3.0.12062_4_1.dmg but the version of the app via 'About' shows as

    It then tried to update a component which hangs at 100%. The component shows as MAC_KIESAGENT. The only option I have is to hit cancel at which point I don't know whether that installed correctly or not.

    Then if I try to connect via Wifi to my Mac, the phone finds my Mac as a wifi device on the network, I click the Mac at which point the phone prompts me to enter the passcode to continue. But nothing shows up on the Mac in Kies to pair the two devices.

    Connecting via USB doesn't work either - Kies cannot see the phone.

    Anyone have a similar experience?

  2. myitcv

    myitcv New Member

    To update on this. I still am not sure whether the MAC-KIESAGENT install succeeded or not.... but I am now able to connect via wifi (i.e. I am prompted on the Mac to enter the pin shown on the phone when I try to connect from the phone)

    1. Restart your mac
    2. Kill the kiesviawifi agent that is already running (do this via terminal using something like: "ps aux | grep -i kiesviawifi | grep -v grep | awk '{print $2}' | xargs kill" obviously leaving out the double quotes)
    3. Start Kies
    4. Now try to connect via your phone

    Should work
  3. dmjglen

    dmjglen New Member

    I have the same problem - still waiting for Samsung to call - starting to miss my iphone....I can link with a usb but there are no tabs for sync etc. at top of screen.

    Also Kies suggests using your iphone back-up but just hangs:mad:
  4. cjfn

    cjfn New Member

    I can't connect via USB to my iMac so emailed Samsung who got back right away with a link to the same new version of Kies. It installed but then wanted to add component upgrades which got to 100% download and then hung although continued with activity on the Mac.
  5. dbnnn

    dbnnn New Member

    I have the same problem - trying to upgrade to ICS on a Galaxy S2 using Kies. Called Samsung and they told me that the update (MAC_KIESAGENT. was not installed and as a result I might not be able to upgrade to ICS. I tried to upgrade without the Kies update - but it gave an error and I am not able to do it. Samsung said that this is problem they have with Mac OS - and don't know when (or even if) they will fix it - told me to use a PC. So it seems for now Mac users are not able to upgrade to ICS. If someone know a way around that - let me know. Thanks
  6. Eyeball Kid

    Eyeball Kid Member

    Same problem here. Spent around 4 hours today trying to find workarounds, both on my own and and with Samsung tech support (both in the chat and with a voice support person). No one apparently can help. The voice support person told me that it was probably because the server is overloaded. Really?
  7. Eyeball Kid

    Eyeball Kid Member

    It seems that Samsung doesn't like to deal with Macs. I also have a Samsung BD player and I find that any communication between the BD player and my Macs are replete with coding problems. I was told that, with the BD device, it's advisable to use Windows machines for the best compatibility.
  8. sajp

    sajp New Member

    I had a similar problem. Tried reinstalling etc. Didn't work.

    I eventually left Kies 'hanging' at 100% trying to download the MAC_KIESAGENT. overnight. When I got up in the morning it had updated at some point during the night.

    Connected my Galaxy Note and it connected to Kies easily.
  9. Eyeball Kid

    Eyeball Kid Member

    I tried to upgrade my Skyrocket using two Macs and a Windows. Nothing worked. I had to go to an AT&T store and ask the manager to help with an upgrade. Then I had to uninstall Kies Mac because it was causing a near kernel panic. The fan would hum into an excited state, even if Kies wasn't running. Uninstalling Kies stopped the humming altogether.

    Samsung, IMO just isn't into good software, and REALLY isn't into writing good Mac software. Their tech support first liners aren't even trained on Mac troubleshooting. And Samsung comes up short with software that's Mac-incompatible in their BD Players.
  10. Rdjr74

    Rdjr74 Well-Known Member

    Not sure if you are referring to Kies air but that has worked for me really well. Sorry if we're taking about two different things.
  11. Eyeball Kid

    Eyeball Kid Member

    Kies Air seems to work alright, but I needed Kies for Mac to upgrade to ICS. On my iMac, Kies for Mac freezes on Quit; I have to use force-quit.

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