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  1. jonrud

    jonrud Well-Known Member

    Hi trying to update to 4.1.2 via kies the computer and kies both see the note kies sees update downloads update but will not install it would appear that the note disconnects from kies any ideas anyone.

  2. Loren

    Loren Well-Known Member

    Have you updated and got the latest Kies?
  3. jonrud

    jonrud Well-Known Member

    Yes done that.
  4. superflyguy

    superflyguy Member

    Kies will look like its disconnected but it actually hasn't..daft I know, I thouht it had too, once the 1st download is complete it then dissapears but Kies is still greyed out, leaveit a while and it will eventually download the the firmware ;)
  5. asot77

    asot77 Member

    Yep, the actual download part is excruciatingly slow!! Can take up to an hour or more...
  6. jonrud

    jonrud Well-Known Member

    The download happens quickly but the install crashes kies.
  7. graham35

    graham35 Well-Known Member

    Jonrud - Did you ever get this to work?
  8. TrTr

    TrTr New Member

    Last time I tried it, I found out that Kies didn't work with Windows 8 yet. Waiting for the version that does...

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