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  1. aklim

    aklim Member

    Tried everything to make it work. It has 4.04 bu not yet Jelly Bean. Perhaps I will get it before I retire.

    Used several different machines with different OS. Even wiped the phone, used different power cords and all that. No luck

    Anyone know of a way to get it to work? I'm even at the point where I don't believe Samsung anymore. I have gotten the latest everything, talked to their tech support and called them. Even removed the SD card like some suggested might work. The only thing left is a virgin sacrifice.

    Anyone know a program that works as well as kies is supposed to and better?


  2. daddyof3_101

    daddyof3_101 Member

    Air droid. It's in the market. I love it.
  3. aklim

    aklim Member

    That is similar to Kies Air, right? I'm trying to see if it will back up messages. Any idea how to?

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