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Kii Keyboard - OMG! Watch out Swype & SwiftKey Flow!

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  1. bruce73

    bruce73 Well-Known Member

    I asked in another forum about the keyboard icon in the notification bar and was told it's an ICS "feature."

  2. Methos1979

    Methos1979 Well-Known Member

    Maybe, but I don't have ICS, I have JB!
  3. Chip_365

    Chip_365 Well-Known Member

    FWIW, I liked Kiis but also found that it used considerable app resources, not sure how it compares to the other 2 mentioned. Also it did not give the option to install to the SD card. I did find that SmartKeyboard used the least resources of a few that I have tried, even less than my stock keyboard & it could also install at least some of itself to the SD card. Some of these things may be helpful to those of us with "older" phones. I did go back to stock keyboard, though I still liked SmartKey a lot.
  4. ktchong

    ktchong Well-Known Member

    Is Swiftkey Flow available now?
  5. Methos1979

    Methos1979 Well-Known Member

    It is available as a beta app but you have to get it straight from their website.
  6. ktchong

    ktchong Well-Known Member

    Kii Keyboard is quite good; better than SlideIt in recognition.

    However, I'm waiting for Swiftkey Flow, which I think will be the best gesture keyboard if it's successfully integrates Swiftkey's predictive algorithm.
  7. JimmyTheSaint

    JimmyTheSaint Well-Known Member

    I've got SwiftKey Flow. Even if its prediction is marginally better, there's no way I'm giving up the ability to swipe one-handed that you can only get by using Kii's padding feature.
  8. chanchan05

    chanchan05 The Doctor Guide

    Yes, gesture control is disabled. I have no use for those. Gesture typing just simply does not work on my phone. Oh well, its probably too old.
  9. tcat007

    tcat007 Well-Known Member

    I just noticed shortcuts don't work more, they did a few days ago. A recent update must have killed that feature, hope it gets fixed, use that feature a lot!

    My latest:

  10. Dieselbud

    Dieselbud Well-Known Member

    I have both swiftkey flow and Kii. So far, Kii is winning for me... but I am a terrible typist, even on a full sized keyboard.

    I was never able to do the double letter thing on SKF (with swype you just made a loop on the letter) and although I liked Swype on my SG1, it just does not work well with the SGIII for some reason (takes up too much screen and I cannot see the input field).

    So far, after 5 days of Kii, this might be a keeper.
  11. valorian

    valorian Well-Known Member

    So far after two days of using Kii I'm liking it. I like how customizable it is.

    I think Swiftkey's predictive typing is better though. I'm been using Swiftykey so long that I can type complete sentences just by selecting the words above the keyboard.
  12. Methos1979

    Methos1979 Well-Known Member

    +1 on this comment. I used SwiftKey Flow from day one until just a couple days ago and it was pretty good, but not as good as Kii. Kii's predictive abilities are far better than SKF and the padding feature is great.

    Since both are still in beta I will give both a try with finalized along with giving Swype another shot but in my opinion, Kii is winning this race so far.

    Tom - what shortcuts were you using? I was aware of the ability for any type of shortcut. I did receive the update but I haven't noticed anything yet. I tried emoji's again but still nothing. I fired off another email to the dev about that feature as well as a direct link to this thread in case he was not aware of it.
  13. tcat007

    tcat007 Well-Known Member

    The possibilities are limitless with this KB! Can't wait for the "Pro" version to send the developer a couple bucks!


  14. tcat007

    tcat007 Well-Known Member

    The "Text Shortcuts" in dictionary section worked for me a couple of updates ago, but not now. I could enter "wtc" and have my email address come up, or "sig" and have my signature come up. Really want this back!

  15. Methos1979

    Methos1979 Well-Known Member

    How do you get to the dictionary to create the shortcuts. I've been looking for this feature.
  16. tcat007

    tcat007 Well-Known Member

    Settings/languages&dictionaries/Text shortcuts just hit the "+" button and add the 2 fields. Not going to work until he fixes it....

    edit: Working again. I had to reboot my Nexus. I seldom power down, but maybe one of the updates needed a reboot.

  17. Methos1979

    Methos1979 Well-Known Member

    Cool found it thanks. Seems to be working on mine.
  18. i6power

    i6power Member

    Does it support multi touch swipe? I'm using keymonk which does. I can swipe with both thumbs in landscape mode.
  19. Methos1979

    Methos1979 Well-Known Member

    Hey guys - in case you haven't seen it today, there is yet another update release for Kii. This time it's a really good one! Among other things he fixed the alternative character key coloring on the stock keyboards AND you can now use gesture typing for the text shortcuts! There are other fixes too but these were two issues plaguing me. Still no fix for the emoji icons but at least they are listening and working the program, which just keeps getting better and better!
    valorian likes this.
  20. Eric618

    Eric618 Well-Known Member

    I love this app so far.
  21. ALangford

    ALangford New Member

    Just a heads up, there is a new update this morning. 1.1.7 Updated Character encoding for iOS6 emoji- pretty much an awesome update. Almost all the emojis are now able to be posted without issue. Awesome app, developers who listen to users. I love this keyboard!
  22. tcat007

    tcat007 Well-Known Member

    Nice to see this working, finally see what all those symbols look like. Seldom use them, but nice to have available. Someone posted a problem with space after periods, but seems to be working as I like. Best keyboard out there, since you can give it any look you want.
  23. Eric618

    Eric618 Well-Known Member

    Gesture (Swype) wasn't working on my GS2 until this update. Now it works flawlessly. This is now the best keyboard out there, I think.
  24. leeanne172

    leeanne172 Well-Known Member

    I love this keyboard, the fact that you can download themes is awesome ! everything about it so far is just great :)
  25. guttyla

    guttyla Well-Known Member

    Switched back to swype. Kii had potential but I find swype still better at this pint

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