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  1. lawson23

    lawson23 New Member

    Using the clock app and setting a alarm and then hitting snooze in the morning means I have to WAIT until the alarm goes off again say 10 minutes before I can disable the alarm.

    My old gingerbread phone would show the alarm snoozed in the notification pain but I can't find this in the S4 notification pain. Is there something I'm missing can someone help me figure out how to cancel the alarm after I hit snooze without waiting around.

    Please help and is this a newb issue, S4 issue or google clock app issue?

  2. Viserion

    Viserion New Member

    Just open the clock app and turn it off... it doesn't't take that much more effort.
  3. lawson23

    lawson23 New Member

    Thanks for the suggestion but this is not the solution I'm looking for since I need the alarm on so that it goes off the next day. Other options I could perform: pull the battery or delete the alarm....

    I'm guessing this is just a problem with this app and I will need to investigate a different alarm application. The reason I'm thinking there is a simpler solution is because for every search I do regarding this topic they all say kill the alarm notification. So I don't believe this was a special feature of my old phone.

    Worst case if someone else rolls on to this topic having the same issue with their Galaxy S4 will find this discussion helpful.
  4. Atma

    Atma Well-Known Member

    Have you tried talking to it? I haven't really tried it but you are also suppose to be able to control it by saying Stop or Snooze. Look in settings > my device > voice control, check the alarm box.
  5. janx218

    janx218 Member

    If you pull up your clock app when there's a snooze set, you'll see that the clock icon is yellow. Click once to disable the alarm or twice to get it back to green, so the alarm is still active but the snooze is off.
  6. Nick The Great

    Nick The Great Well-Known Member

    That's what I did on my old phone. I wish there was an easier solution, but it isn't THAT much work :)

    I don't know why you'd have to pull the battery! :eek:

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